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National Trails are long distance footpaths and bridleways in England and Wales. They are administered by Natural England, a statutory agency of the UK government, and Natural Resources Wales
(successor body to the Countryside Council for Wales), a Welsh Government-sponsored body. National Trails are marked with an acorn symbol along the route. In Scotland, the equivalent trails are called Long Distance Routes
Long Distance Routes
and are administered by Scottish Natural Heritage. List of National Trails[edit]

Cleveland Way
Cleveland Way
in England Cotswold Way
Cotswold Way
in England England Coast Path
England Coast Path
around England (planned to be completed by 2020) Glyndŵr's Way
Glyndŵr's Way
in Wales Hadrian's Wall Path
Hadrian's Wall Path
in England North Downs Way
North Downs Way
in England Offa's Dyke Path
Offa's Dyke Path
in Wales
and England Peddar's Way and Norfolk Coast Path
Norfolk Coast Path
in England (treated as a single National Trail) Pembrokeshire Coast Path
Pembrokeshire Coast Path
in Wales Pennine Bridleway
Pennine Bridleway
in England (bridleway) Pennine Way
Pennine Way
mainly in England with a short distance in Scotland The Ridgeway
The Ridgeway
in England (mostly bridleway/restricted byway/byway) South Downs Way
South Downs Way
in England (bridleway) South West Coast Path
South West Coast Path
(South West Way) in England—the UK's longest Thames Path
Thames Path
in England Yorkshire Wolds Way
Yorkshire Wolds Way
in England

Together these are over 4,000 kilometres (2,500 mi) long. See also[edit]

Long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom

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National Trails

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Long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom

National Trails (England and Wales)

Cleveland Way Cotswold Way England Coast Path Glyndŵr's Way Hadrian's Wall Path North Downs Way Norfolk Coast Path Offa's Dyke Path Peddars Way Pembrokeshire Coast Path Pennine Bridleway Pennine Way The Ridgeway South Downs Way South West Coast Path Thames Path Yorkshire Wolds Way Wales
Coast Path

Scotland's Great Trails

Great Glen Way Southern Upland Way Speyside Way West Highland Way

Long-distance path (Northern Ireland