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The National Socialist Flyers Corps
National Socialist Flyers Corps
(German: Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps; NSFK) was a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party that was founded April 15, 1937 as a successor to the German Air Sports Association; the latter had been active during the years when a German air force was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. The NSFK organization was based closely on the organization of the Sturmabteilung
(SA) and maintained a system of paramilitary ranks closely associated with the SA. A similar group was the National Socialist Motor Corps. During the early years of its existence, the NSFK conducted military aviation training in gliders and private airplanes. Organization[edit] General
der Flieger Friedrich Christiansen
Friedrich Christiansen
was NSFK Korpsführer from April 15, 1937 until June 26, 1943, followed by Generaloberst Alfred Keller until May 8, 1945. The National Socialist Flyers Corps
National Socialist Flyers Corps
continued to exist after the Luftwaffe was founded, but to a much smaller degree. In 1942 it comprised the following regional Gruppen (groups):

Gruppe 1: Ostland (Königsberg) Gruppe 2: Nord (Stettin) Gruppe 3: Nordwest (Hamburg) Gruppe 4: Berlin-Brandenburg (Berlin) Gruppe 5: Wartheland (Posen) Gruppe 6: Schlesien (Breslau) Gruppe 7: Elbe-Saale (Dresden) Gruppe 8: Mitte (Eschwege) Gruppe 9: Weser-Elbe (Hannover) Gruppe 10: Westfalen (Dortmund) Gruppe 11: Hessen-Westmark (Frankfurt/Main) Gruppe 12: Niederrhein (Essen) Gruppe 13: Main-Donau (Nürnberg) Gruppe 14: Hochland (München) Gruppe 15: Schwaben (Stuttgart) Gruppe 16: Südwest (Strassburg) Gruppe 17 Ostmark (Wien)

Ranks and insignia[edit] The 'ranks and insignia of the National Socialist Flyer Corps were a paramilitary rank system in use by the National Socialist Flyers Corps (NSFK) between the years of 1933 and 1945. The ranks were designed after paramilitary rank titles of the Sturmabteilung. Most ranks of the NSFK were also used by the National Socialist Motor Corps
National Socialist Motor Corps
which maintained its own paramilitary rank system. As with most Nazi paramilitary groups, rank patches were worn on a single collar opposite a badge of unit membership. The exception was for the ranks Standartenführer
and above which displayed rank insignia on both collars. As of 1934, the final rank pattern of the National Socialist Flyer Corps was as follows:

NSFK Rank Translation German Air Force Equivalent

Korpsführer Corps Leader Generalfeldmarschall

Obergruppenführer Senior Group Leader General

Gruppenführer Group Leader Generalleutnant

Brigadeführer Brigade Leader Generalmajor

Oberführer Senior Leader Oberst

Standartenführer Regiment Leader Oberst

Obersturmbannführer Senior Assault Unit Leader Oberstleutnant

Sturmbannführer Assault Unit Leader Major

Hauptsturmführer Chief Assault Leader Hauptmann

Obersturmführer Senior Assault Leader Oberleutnant

Sturmführer Assault Leader Leutnant

Obertruppführer Senior Troop Leader Stabsfeldwebel

Truppführer Troop Leader Hauptfeldwebel

Oberscharführer Senior Squad Leader Oberfeldwebel

Scharführer Squad Leader Unteroffizier

Rottenführer Section Leader Obergefreiter

Sturmmann Storm Trooper Gefreiter

Mann Trooper Flieger

Anwärter Candidate None

Mann (1), Sturmmann
(2), Rottenführer
(3), Scharführer
(4), Oberscharführer
(5), Truppführer (6), Obertruppführer (7), Sturmführer (8), Obersturmführer
(9), Hauptsturmführer
(10), Sturmbannführer
(11), Obersturmbannführer
(12), Standartenführer (13), Oberführer
(14), Brigadeführer
(15), Gruppenführer
(16), Obergruppenführer
(17), Korpsführer (18)

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