The National Assembly of Malawi is the supreme legislative body of the nation. It is situated on Capital Hill, Lilongwe along Presidential Way. The National Assembly alone possesses legislative supremacy and thereby ultimate power over all other political bodies in Malawi. At its head is the Speaker of the House who is elected by his or her peers.[2] Since June 2014 the Speaker is Richard Msowoya.

The 1994 Constitution provided for a Senate but Parliament repealed it. Malawi therefore has a unicameral legislature in practice.[2] The National Assembly has 193 Members of Parliament (MPs) who are directly elected in single-member constituencies using the simple majority (or first-past-the-post) system and serve five-year terms.[3]

Current Parliament

The current parliament was inaugurated on 9 June 2014 after the 2014 general election. No party managed to secure a majority in the house. Two by-elections were expected to be held for the Thyolo East and Blantyre North constituencies. Peter Mutharika won the presidential election and therefore could not represent the former constituency, while a Malawi Congress Party candidate died prior to the election in the latter.[4]

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  1. ^ The Constitution Provides for a Senate - In Practice the Senate has not yet been Established; Compare the Federation Council of Iraq.[1]


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