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Nagercoil ("Temple of the Nāgas" Nagaraja Temple) is a town in the southernmost Indian state of Tamil Nadu and a municipality and administrative headquarters of Kanyakumari. The city is situated close to the tip of the Indian peninsula, locked with the Western Ghats on all sides.[3][4] It was briefly part of the erstwhile Travancore state, till almost a decade after India's Independence from Britain in 1947. In 1956, it was merged with Tamil Nadu.


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Religious census

















According to 2011 census, Nagercoil had a population of 224,849 with a sex-ratio of 1,050 females for every 1,000 males, much above the national average of 929.[5][6] A total of 20,241 were under the age of six, constituting 10,119 males and 10,122 females. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for 4.19% and .17% of the population respectively. The average literacy of the city was 95.35%.[6] The city had a total of 59,997 households. There were a total of 76,345 workers, comprising 244 cultivators, 1,155 main agricultural laborers, 2,271 in household industries, 67,050 other workers, 5,625 marginal workers, 110 marginal cultivators, 361 marginal agricultural laborers, 447 marginal workers in household industries and 4,707 other marginal workers.[7] As per the religious census of 2011, Nagercoil had 61.06% Hindus, 8.89% Muslims, 29.94% Christians, 0.01% Sikhs, 0.02% Buddhists, 0.02% Jains and 0.06% following other religions or not stating their position.[8] Geography[edit]


Climate chart (explanation)


    17     30 23

    19     31 23

    36     33 24

    83     33 26

    91     33 26

    148     31 25

    92     31 25

    55     31 25

    61     31 25

    187     31 24

    192     30 23

    64     29 23

Average max. and min. temperatures in °C

Precipitation totals in mm

Imperial conversion


    0.7     85 73

    0.7     88 73

    1.4     91 76

    3.3     91 78

    3.6     91 79

    5.8     88 77

    3.6     87 77

    2.2     88 77

    2.4     88 76

    7.4     87 76

    7.6     85 74

    2.5     85 73

Average max. and min. temperatures in °F

Precipitation totals in inches

Nagercoil is cradled between the Western Ghats.

Nagercoil is situated in the Kanyakumari district of the Indian state Tamil Nadu, which is located on the southernmost tip of India and is surrounded by Tirunelveli on its east and north and by Kerala on its west and northwest.One of the best thing about the climate of Nagercoil is that, it is the only Indian town to receive both the south-west and north-east monsoons. Summers are quite hot here with winters being gentle. It receives more rain than other parts of Tamil Nadu. Climate[edit] Summers are pretty humid and temperature reaches at 34 °C easily at that time. Summer months start from March and end in May. Monsoon months are from June till September with an average temperature of about 25 °C during the same time. Winters start from November and ends in February with an average temperature of 22 °C. Although, Nagercoil is located at a distance of only 20 km from Kanyakumari, temperature difference in the day stands at around 3 -4 degrees always.

Climate data for Nagercoil

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year

Record high °C (°F) 34.4 (93.9) 34.7 (94.5) 36.0 (96.8) 36.8 (98.2) 36.2 (97.2) 36.2 (97.2) 35.2 (95.4) 35.9 (96.6) 35.5 (95.9) 35.2 (95.4) 34.3 (93.7) 33.6 (92.5) 36.8 (98.2)

Average high °C (°F) 29.8 (85.6) 30.6 (87.1) 31.1 (88) 32.7 (90.9) 32.5 (90.5) 32.5 (90.5) 30.3 (86.5) 30.4 (86.7) 30.6 (87.1) 30.5 (86.9) 30.2 (86.4) 29.2 (84.6) 30.87 (87.57)

Average low °C (°F) 23.4 (74.1) 23.8 (74.8) 25.0 (77) 26.1 (79) 26.2 (79.2) 24.5 (76.1) 24.0 (75.2) 23.9 (75) 24.3 (75.7) 24.3 (75.7) 24.0 (75.2) 23.7 (74.7) 24.43 (75.98)

Record low °C (°F) 20.1 (68.2) 18.8 (65.8) 21.4 (70.5) 20.9 (69.6) 21.3 (70.3) 19.3 (66.7) 19.0 (66.2) 21.3 (70.3) 21.0 (69.8) 20.8 (69.4) 20.1 (68.2) 19.0 (66.2) 18.8 (65.8)

Average precipitation mm (inches) 17.4 (0.685) 19.3 (0.76) 36.3 (1.429) 82.5 (3.248) 91.2 (3.591) 147.8 (5.819) 92.0 (3.622) 55.4 (2.181) 60.9 (2.398) 186.5 (7.343) 191.3 (7.531) 64.1 (2.524) 1,044.7 (41.131)

Source: India Meteorological Department[9][10]

Nagercoil "Clock Tower"

Economy[edit] Fish-net manufacturing is a growing business in and around the town; nets for commercial fishing are supplied to the domestic and export markets.[11] Cottage industries include coir-making, floral trade, handloom-weaving, rubber products, food-processing units, and lace-making (export-oriented).[12] Architecture[edit] Nagaraja Temple, Nagercoil[edit] Nagaraja Temple is a Hindu temple worshipping Nagaraja (King of Serpents- Vasuki) situated at the heart of Nagercoil town. The name for the town Nagercoil originated from this temple. The temple has innumerable statues of serpents.Nagaraja Temple, from which the town derives its name. The temple has two main deities, Krishna (reverred as Ananda Krishna) and Nagaraja. The upadevathas are Shiva, Subrahmanya Swami, Ganesha, Devi and Dwarapalaka. As ancient tradition the priests are Namboothiri Brahmins who are referred by Pambumekkat mana in Thrissur, Kerala.[2] The temple has a vast pond. Devotees consecreate Naga idols in the temple and offer milk and turmeric powder as a part of their prayers. The temple is open from 4.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Nagercoil Clock Tower[edit] The Nagercoil Clock Tower was built to commemorate the visit of Sri Moolam Thirunal, then ruler of Travancore, in 1893, and was designed by Hogeorf and S. Horesly of England. The Maharajah himself inaugurated it on February 15 of that year. The pendulum of the clock was made in Derbyshire by Smith of Derby Group, London. The clock is attached to a 60-foot-long chain with a weight, operated with pulleys through gravitational force. The clock in the Nagercoil Clock Tower was presented to the Maharajah by the European LMS Missionary, Rev. Duthie.[13] The total cost for constructing the Nagercoil Clock Tower was Rs.3258, 9 Chakrams and 12 Kasu. The Maharajah of Travancore donated Rs.1017/- and the balance was donated by the public.[13] St. Xavier's Church[edit]

St. Xavier's Church, Kottar

St. Xavier Church is a Roman Catholic Latin Rite shrine located at Kottar, Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu state, India. While Saint Xavier was doing missionary work at Kottar and its neighbourhood, he averted an invasion of Padagas with the help of his cross alone and thus protected the people of Venad kingdom from that attack which was appreciated by the king, Unni Kerala Varma, who became closer to the priest and befriended him from then on. In recognition of Xavier's services, the king allotted him a piece of land to construct a Catholic church, as a gesture of goodwill, as per the church records. There was already a small church, in the same place where St.Xavier's church stands at present, dedicated to Mary the Mother of God, since AD 1544.Church records indicate that St.Xavier Church was built in 1600. In 1865, the Shrine of Mary was renovated and enlarged. In 1930, the church was raised to the status of a cathedral.[14] Politics[edit]

Municipal officials


K. Saravana kumar

District Collector

Prashanth M. Wadnere

Superintendent of Police

Sh. Srinath I.P.S

Marshal Nesamony, one of the leading lawyers of the Nagercoil Bar, was elected as the Chairman of the Nagercoil Municipal Council in 1943. He enlarged the town boundary, improved water supply system for the town, established a home for the destitutes and increased the income of the Nagercoil Municipality. In the same year, he was elected to the Travancore State Assembly and was also nominated to the Senate of the then Travancore University (today's Kerala University).[15] Later on K. Kamaraj, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, won from Kanyakumari constituency without even canvassing.[16] This happens to be the strongest support base for the Indian National Congress in South India and is Nicknamed "The Fort of Congress".[17][18][19] The Nagercoil (Lok Sabha constituency) is perhaps the only Constituency in Tamil nadu do not have elected an Dravidian parties in the states History.[20] However, in the past decade, this constituency has been electing either BJP or Communist party. 2014 Elections saw support for BJP in this constituency and Pon Radhakrishnan was elected to the center, in spite of strong stiff competition and massive influence of the congress candidate H.Vasanthakumar. Subi the social activist, national sportsman and leader of The Future India Party, a youth based political party representing young people in India, is from Nagercoil. He is also the founder of the World Youth Organization (India)World Youth Organization a non-profit organization for youth welfare primarily concerne on youth affairs. A.K. Chellaiya, was a politician and MLA of Colachel constituency on 1952. He resigned his post for merging Kanyakumari with Tamilnad.[21] A. Samraj, was a politician and MLA of Thovalai constituency on 1952. He resigned his post for merging Kanyakumari with Tamil Nadu. Education[edit] Tamil is the official language in Nagercoil and is spoken by the majority of the population here. Tamil along with English is used as a medium of teaching in all major schools. There are many schools and colleges in Nagercoil that are more than 150 years old like Scott Christian College (est 1809 as a village-church school and later in 1893 as a college[22]), Scott Christian Higher Secondary School (est 1819), Carmel Higher Secondary School (est 1920[23]), DVD Higher Secondary School (est 1933[24]), as well as a more recent South Travancore Hindu College (est 1952[25]), Excel group of Schools[ICSE, ISC, State Board, and IGCSE Boards]. Sethu Lakshmi Bai Higher Secondary School, is situated in the heart of town. It was established under the supervision of the Travancore administrators and named after a Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, the Queen of Travancore between 1924 and 1931. Another school which was named after a Travancore ruler is Sri Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma Higher Secondary School. Educational institutions include privately funded engineering colleges, the state-run Kanyakumari Government Medical College (at Asaripallam near Nagercoil), and many polytechnic colleges and arts and science colleges. As in neighbouring Kerala, women's education and career-development are given importance. European missionaries, in the, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries played a major role in imparting education to the people of the town and district. As a result, the town enjoyed a good social progress compared to the rest of the country, as indicated by a more normal male female sex ratio of 1045 females per 1000 males[26] compared to the national average of 940 females[27] and state average of 996 females[26] per 1000 males. Literacy rate is also high at 94.99%[26] compared to the national average of 74.04%[28] and state average of 80.09%.[29] Culture and traditional cuisine[edit]

Breakfast in Nagercoil

Diwali is the most celebrated festival followed by pongal. Christmas is also celebrated in Nagercoil as the town has a higher percentage of Christians. Onam is another festival widely celebrated among the Malayalam-speaking population by drawing the `atha poo' (flower decoration) in the floor,[30][31] Sports[edit] Nagercoil has the distinction of housing one of the two Sports Authority of India Centers in the state, the other being in Chennai.[32][33] There are plans to make the city hub for sports in South india by merging it with the Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi Centers with Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram .[34] See also[edit]

Thanumalayan Temple CSI Home Church, Nagercoil Curusadi St. Antony's Church Dr. Jeyasekharan Hospital & Nursing Home Karuparai Mela Raman Puthoor St. Joseph's Convent Higher Secondary School kanahappapuram ayya vaikundar swamy. kanahappapuram


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