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Starting in the 2007 season, the National Football League
National Football League
(NFL) has hosted regular season American football
American football
games outside the United States every year. Collectively officially known through 2016 as the NFL International Series, from 2017 the series currently has two sub-series, the NFL London Games in London, which has been in place since 2007, and the NFL Mexico
Game in Mexico
City, which began in 2016 with a predecessor game in 2005. Initially, all games in the International Series were held in London. Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium
was the exclusive home stadium for International Series games from 2007 to 2015 and will continue to host NFL games through at least 2020; beginning in 2016, the series began expanding to more stadiums, first to Twickenham Stadium, London (2016–2017) and to Estadio Azteca, Mexico City
Mexico City
(2016–2021) and eventually to Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium at Northumberland Park also in London (2018–2027), with possible future plans to expand the series to Germany and/or Canada.[1][2]


1 Background 2 Early years (2007–2011) 3 Multi-year deals and multi-game years (2012–2015) 4 Long-term deals and new stadiums (2016–present) 5 Game history

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Background[edit] Prior to 2005, the NFL's primary method of promoting its game abroad was through the American Bowl, a series of preseason games played around the world, and NFL Europe, a developmental league based in Europe. The American Bowls ended in 2005 (though a similar China Bowl was planned for 2007 before being canceled), while NFL Europa
NFL Europa
(as it was known for its final season) folded in 2007. On October 2, 2005, the Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals
defeated the San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers
by a score of 31–14 at Estadio Azteca
Estadio Azteca
in Mexico
City, Mexico
under the name NFL Fútbol Americano. It was the first regular season NFL game held outside the United States.[3] The game drew the NFL's highest game attendance at the time with 103,467 spectators.[3][4] Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, has considered expanding the league's appeal overseas ever since the end of NFL Europa. Goodell has openly discussed the idea of holding a future Super Bowl
Super Bowl
game in London.[3] The NFL also investigated the possibility of adding a 17th regular season game to all teams, taking the place of the fourth pre-season game.[5] Waller notes that there will not be 16 different venues for the 17th games. More likely would be a "mini-season ticket" of perhaps four games in one city or country.[5] There was discussion that this "17th game" could take effect as early as the 2009 NFL season; however, 2010 would be the earliest this could be implemented because of concerns about playing on Labor Day or over the 2010 Winter Olympics, the league's rigid scheduling formula, and the league's collective bargaining agreement (CBA).[5] League officials were pondering moving a second existing game abroad for the 2010 season, but eventually abandoned it due to the ongoing CBA negotiations.[6] The league eventually abandoned its attempt to expand the NFL season via CBA negotiations, and the new CBA enacted in 2011 has kept the NFL schedule at 16 games as of 2017. Games in the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
are broadcast by the BBC
and Sky Sports either live on BBC2
or online via the BBC
Sports website and interactive TV and on Sky Sports
Sky Sports
Action. On radio the games are broadcast by BBC
Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, with Arlo White commentating. The games have been popular, with tickets for the two games per season selling out in two days, nine months in advance. According to the NFL, only 3% of those attending the London games are Americans or American expatriates, while 22% are from London and 60% from elsewhere in Britain. Ticket prices are from £35 for end zone seats to £100 for lower sideline seats.[7] A team that plays a home game in London sells a cheaper season ticket package for its own stadium with seven regular season games rather than the usual eight. Each designated home team receives US$1 million for giving up the home game.[8] On October 11, 2011, the NFL owners approved playing NFL games in Great Britain through the year 2016. This stated that a home team could visit every year for up to five years but visitors could only visit once every five years.[9] However, in 2015 the Detroit Lions returned to London as visitors in an apparent disregard for this rule. Subsequently, an agreement has been reached to play internationally through 2025.[10] The Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills
received a unanimous vote of approval to play a series of regular and preseason games at Rogers Centre
Rogers Centre
in Toronto from 2008 to 2017.[11][12] This was separate from the regular International Series as arrangements are made by the team as opposed to the league as with the International Series. The Bills' Toronto Series was mutually terminated after the 2013 contest. Due to significant time zone differences, from 2007–2015 teams playing in London would have their bye week in the following week after their game in London. For 2016, the Indianapolis Colts volunteered to play a game the week after their London game, preferring to have their bye week later in the season. The Colts playing the week after London was also done by the NFL as a test to see team fatigue for evaluation of an eventual London franchise.[13] As Mexico City
Mexico City
is within the Central Time Zone—eight NFL teams play home games in Central Time and the rest are within two hours of it—no bye week would be needed for those teams, though they may still by chance be scheduled their regular bye week anyway. For 2017, three teams playing in London (Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Miami), will have games immediately following their International Series game.[14] In all three cases, the teams playing after their International Series game are based on the East Coast of the United States and will either be home or (in the Jaguars case) playing in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Due to NFL rules, teams that are playing in temporary homes or that have recently been awarded the Super Bowl
Super Bowl
are required to play a home game internationally. The Los Angeles Rams, upon relocating from St. Louis, agreed to host an international game from 2016–2019, while their new stadium is being built. The Los Angeles Chargers, who will be sharing the stadium with the Rams once it is completed, will also host an international game in 2018 and 2019, only getting out of the 2017 game because the team had executed its out clause to move from San Diego
San Diego
after the 2017 International Series games had been announced.[15] The rule was not in effect when the Minnesota Vikings were playing at TCF Bank Stadium
TCF Bank Stadium
while U.S. Bank Stadium
U.S. Bank Stadium
was being built, although the team did give up a home game while they were still playing in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. It is also likely that the Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders
will host another game in 2019 due to their pending move to Las Vegas, but it is unknown whether the "temporary stadium" rule applies in that case. Early years (2007–2011)[edit]

The Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins
hosted the New York Giants
New York Giants
at Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium
in London, England on October 28, 2007. The Giants defeated the Dolphins 13–10 in the first regular season NFL game held outside North America. The first 40,000 tickets sold out for the game in the first 90 minutes of sales.[3][16] The game was aired regionally on Fox. A single game was held in London each year through 2011. Like the 2007 game, each was televised nationally in England, but only regionally in the United States. Multi-year deals and multi-game years (2012–2015)[edit]

NFL International Series
NFL International Series
game between Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys
and Jacksonville Jaguars in London

On January 20, 2012, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell
confirmed that from 2012 to 2014, the St. Louis
St. Louis
Rams would play one of their eight home games each year at Wembley Stadium.[17] However, on August 13, 2012, the team announced that they would not play the proposed games in London in 2013 and 2014, only the 2012 game against the New England Patriots that had already been scheduled.[18] Goodell had previously proposed the use of certain regular teams in the International Series in an effort to build a fan base for those teams, raising the prospect of a permanent NFL team on the British Isles. An NFL bid to become anchor tenants of London's Olympic Stadium failed.[19] The Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars
took the Rams' place and agreed to play a home game in London for four seasons from 2013 through 2016. With this announcement also came news that the NFL were working to schedule a second UK game from 2013 onwards.[20] (The Jaguars later extended their agreement with Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium
through 2020 in an agreement announced in October 2015.)[2] In October 2012, it was announced that the Jaguars would host the San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers
and the Minnesota Vikings would host the Pittsburgh Steelers, marking the first season with multiple games in London. The NFL played three international games for the 2014 season, including one game with an earlier 9:30 am ET start, which allowed for an afternoon game, rather than an evening game, in London. This timeslot proved to be successful as all London games in 2015 and 2016 were also scheduled at 9:30 am ET. Three games were again scheduled in 2015 – including the series' first division game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins. Long-term deals and new stadiums (2016–present)[edit]

NFL London and Mexico
Games logos, first used in 2016 in Mexico
and 2017 in London

Between 2018 and 2027, at least two games each year will be played at Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium in Northumberland Park as part of an agreement between the NFL and Tottenham Hotspur. On October 7, 2015, the league announced that a resolution had been passed to schedule international games at additional locations to London until 2025.[10] On October 22, 2015 it was confirmed that at least two games per season would remain at Wembley through at least 2020 and that the Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars
will continue to play a home game there annually throughout the agreement.[21] Subsequent to this, on November 3, 2015, the NFL announced that it had reached an agreement with England's Rugby Football Union
Rugby Football Union
to host regular season games at Twickenham Stadium from 2016 onwards, with a minimum of three, and as many as five games to be held over the initial agreement period of three years.[22] In 2016, the Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders
hosted the Houston Texans
Houston Texans
on November 21 at Estadio Azteca
Estadio Azteca
in Mexico
City, at the first International Series game played in Mexico. Previously, the Houston Texans
Houston Texans
and Pittsburgh Steelers had expressed interest in playing a game at Estadio Azteca (or possibly Estadio Olímpico Universitario) in Mexico
City, although Houston was not prepared to give up a home date.[23][24] It was televised as part of ESPN's Monday Night Football, marking the first MNF game broadcast from outside the United States, and ESPN's second broadcast from Mexico City
Mexico City
since the 2005 Fútbol Americano game (which was televised as part of ESPN's former incarnation of Sunday Night Football).[25][26] The 2016 game between the Redskins and Bengals was the first International Series game to go into overtime, the first to end as a tie, and had at the time the highest attendance of all International Series games (later surpassed by the 2017 game between the Ravens and Jaguars, which drew an attendance of 84,592). For 2017 the series underwent a partial rebrand with four games in London branded as NFL London Games[27] and one game in Mexico
City branded as the NFL Mexico
Game.[28][not in citation given] In 2018, Wembley will host two games and Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium will host just one in its initial year. Having already fulfilled the three-game requirement, Twickenham Stadium
Twickenham Stadium
would not host a game in 2018.[29] The Mexico
Game's date and opponents were not announced at that time, although known existing agreements implied that of the four teams with long-term overseas game agreements (the Jaguars and the three relocating teams), only the Rams had not yet been assigned an international game, leaving them as the home team for the Mexico
Game. It was later confirmed that their opponent was to be the Kansas City Chiefs. Game history[edit]

Year Date Designated visitor Score Designated home team Score City Stadium Attn. Pre-game show Television

2007 October 28 New York Giants 13 Miami Dolphins 10 London Wembley Stadium 81,176 The Feeling[30] Fox

2008 October 26 San Diego
San Diego
Chargers 32 New Orleans Saints 37 London Wembley Stadium 83,226 Stereophonics[30] CBS

2009 October 25 New England Patriots 35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 London Wembley Stadium 84,254 Calvin Harris[30] CBS

2010 October 31 Denver Broncos 16 San Francisco 49ers 24 London Wembley Stadium 83,941 My Chemical Romance[30] CBS

2011 October 23 Chicago Bears 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18 London Wembley Stadium 76,981 Goo Goo Dolls[30] Fox

2012 October 28 New England Patriots 45 St. Louis
St. Louis
Rams 7 London Wembley Stadium 84,004 Train[31] CBS

2013 September 29 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Minnesota Vikings 34 London Wembley Stadium 83,518 Tinie Tempah[32] CBS

October 27 San Francisco 49ers 42 Jacksonville Jaguars 10 London Wembley Stadium 83,559 Ne-Yo[33] Fox

2014 September 28 Miami Dolphins 38 Oakland Raiders 14 London Wembley Stadium 83,436 Def Leppard[34] CBS

October 26 Detroit Lions 22 Atlanta Falcons 21 London Wembley Stadium 83,532 Little Mix[35] Fox

November 9 Dallas Cowboys 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 17 London Wembley Stadium 83,603 Joss Stone[36] Fox

2015 October 4 New York Jets 27 Miami Dolphins 14 London Wembley Stadium 83,986 None CBS

October 25 Buffalo Bills 31 Jacksonville Jaguars 34 London Wembley Stadium 84,021 The Ohio State University Marching Band[37] Yahoo! Sports[38][A]

November 1 Detroit Lions 10 Kansas City Chiefs 45 London Wembley Stadium 83,624 Madness[39] Fox[40]

2016 October 2 Indianapolis Colts 27 Jacksonville Jaguars 30 London Wembley Stadium 83,798 Robin Thicke CBS

October 23 New York Giants 17 Los Angeles Rams 10 London Twickenham Stadium 74,121 Craig David[41] NFLN[B]

October 30 Washington Redskins 27 Cincinnati Bengals 27 London Wembley Stadium 84,448 Wessex Male Choir & US Army Europe band Fox

November 21 Houston Texans 20 Oakland Raiders 27 Mexico
City Estadio Azteca 76,473 None ESPN[C]

2017 September 24 Baltimore Ravens 7 Jacksonville Jaguars 44 London Wembley Stadium 84,592 None Verizon, Yahoo! Sports

October 1 New Orleans Saints 20 Miami Dolphins 0 London Wembley Stadium 84,423 None Fox

October 22 Arizona Cardinals 0 Los Angeles Rams 33 London Twickenham Stadium 73,736 None Fox

October 29 Minnesota Vikings 33 Cleveland Browns 16 London Twickenham Stadium 74,237 None NFLN

November 19 New England Patriots 33 Oakland Raiders 8 Mexico
City Estadio Azteca 77,357 None CBS

2018[42][43] October 14 Seattle Seahawks

Oakland Raiders

London Tottenham Hotspur Stadium


October 21/28 Philadelphia Eagles

Jacksonville Jaguars

London Wembley Stadium


October 21/28 Tennessee Titans

Los Angeles Chargers

London Wembley Stadium


TBD Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Rams

City Estadio Azteca



Team Appearances W–L–T Pct Most recent appearance

New England Patriots 3 3–0–0 1.000 2017

Minnesota Vikings 2 2–0–0 1.000 2017

New Orleans Saints 2 2–0–0 1.000 2017

New York Giants 2 2–0–0 1.000 2016

San Francisco 49ers 2 2–0–0 1.000 2013

Chicago Bears 1 1–0–0 1.000 2011

Dallas Cowboys 1 1–0–0 1.000 2014

Kansas City Chiefs 1 1–0–0 1.000 2015

New York Jets 1 1–0–0 1.000 2015

Jacksonville Jaguars 5 3–2–0 .600 2017

Detroit Lions 2 1–1–0 .500 2015

Cincinnati Bengals 1 0–0–1 .500 2016

Washington Redskins 1 0–0–1 .500 2016

Oakland Raiders 3 1–2–0 .333 2017

St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams 3 1–2–0 .333 2017

Miami Dolphins 4 1–3–0 .250 2017

Arizona Cardinals 1 0–1–0 .000 2017

Atlanta Falcons 1 0–1–0 .000 2014

Baltimore Ravens 1 0–1–0 .000 2017

Buffalo Bills 1 0–1–0 .000 2015

Cleveland Browns 1 0–1–0 .000 2017

Denver Broncos 1 0–1–0 .000 2010

Houston Texans 1 0–1–0 .000 2016

Indianapolis Colts 1 0–1–0 .000 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers 1 0–1–0 .000 2013

San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers 1 0–1–0 .000 2008

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 0–2–0 .000 2011

Teams with no International Series appearances[edit] Entering the 2018 season, five of the 32 teams have not played in the International Series: the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Tennessee Titans. However, the Eagles, Seahawks, and Titans are scheduled to play in London in 2018. The Seahawks played a game outside the United States in 2012, but it was not part of the International Series. The Houston Texans have never played in London, but played an International Series game in Mexico
City. Future[edit] Future markets[edit] Within the United Kingdom, aside from London, potential candidates for hosting NFL games include Millennium Stadium
Millennium Stadium
in Cardiff, Wales;[44] and Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Scotland.[45] Other prime locations to get games would be Croke Park
Croke Park
in the Republic of Ireland
Republic of Ireland
(Ireland has already hosted the NCAA Emerald Isle Classic, a college football game similar to the International Series, and Steelers owner Dan Rooney
Dan Rooney
was once an ambassador to the country), Germany (which hosted five teams in NFL Europa
NFL Europa
at the time of its dissolution in 2007 and whose national American Football team won both the 2010 and 2014 European Championship), China;[46] Brazil,[47][46] Australia[48] and Canada (Canada hosted the Bills Toronto Series
Bills Toronto Series
from 2008 to 2013). Mark Waller, NFL senior vice president, international, doubts Asia or Australia would be targeted because of the travel concerns, but he does not dismiss anything.[5] Until 2015 the Jacksonville Jaguars' agreement stipulated that all future International Series games in the current agreement would take place at Wembley, ruling out other locations.[49] The league had planned to host a game in China in 2018 with the Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams
as the home team against the San Francisco 49ers.[50] However, the game in Germany was scrapped in favor of adding a 4th game in London in 2017. The potential game in China was postponed (the third time the league has postponed playing in China, following failed attempts in 2007 and 2009) to being aimed for the 2019 season to coincide with the league's 100th anniversary.[51][52] The league has indicated that a China game is still not certain because of the lack of a fan base in the country (NFL games are played in the middle of the night in China).[53] In regard to future games outside London or Mexico, Mark Waller stated in 2017 that the only holdup with games in Germany was what he dubbed "an inventory management thing. How many games do we actually have?"[53] Potential London team[edit] Main article: Potential London NFL franchise The success of the International Series has led the NFL to focus its global expansion aims on the possibility of having a full franchise located in London. While no set timetable has been set, the league is working on a goal of establishing a franchise by around 2021, assuming they have all the necessary arrangements in place. It is believed this would be most likely achieved through relocation of an existing franchise, with the Jaguars most often linked due to their association with the International Series, even though their owner is said to be content with the current arrangement and other franchises have more reason to move (the most often cited being poor on-field performance, lack of fans and uncertainty over stadium leases). The NFL has used some of the specific arrangements for the International Series games as a test bed for predicting how a London franchise could be made effective from a logistical and competitiveness standpoint.[54][55] See also[edit]

List of National Football League
National Football League
games played outside the United States American Bowl Canadian Football League in the United States

References[edit] Explanatory notes

^ The game was broadcast on CBS affiliates in Buffalo (WIVB-TV) and Jacksonville (WJAX-TV) and BBC
Two in the United Kingdom. Everywhere else, the broadcast of the game was exclusively live-streamed globally on Yahoo! ^ The game was broadcast on the CBS owned-and-operated stations in New York City (WCBS-TV) and Los Angeles (KCBS-TV). Outside those areas, the broadcast of the game aired in the United States on the NFL Network. ^ The game was simulcast on KGO-TV
in the San Francisco Bay Area and KIAH
in Houston. Elsewhere, the game was aired on ESPN.


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Little Mix
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Detroit Lions
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Joss Stone
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Kansas City Chiefs
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Detroit Lions
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Pro Bowl
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B Highland Wildcats Inverclyde Phoenix Kings Lynn Patriots Northants Knights Norwich Devils Redditch Arrows Somerset Wyverns Welwyn Hatfield Mosquitos

Defunct/Inactive Teams

DC Presidents Dundee Hurricanes Gloucester Centurions

BUCS Premiership


Derby Braves Durham Saints Loughborough Students NTU Renegades Stirling Clansmen


Bath Killer Bees Birmingham Lions Hertfordshire Hurricanes Kingston Cougars Swansea Titans

BUCS Division 1A


Glasgow Tigers Hull Sharks Newcastle Raiders Northumbria Mustangs Sunderland Spartans

North West

Leeds Beckett Carnegie Manchester Tyrants Sheffield Sabres Sheffield Hallam Warriors UCLAN Rams


LMJU Fury Nottingham Students Staffordshire Stallions Warwick Wolves Worcester Royals


Brighton Tsunami Portsmouth Destroyers Reading Knights Surrey Stingers Sussex Saxons

South West

Cobras Exeter Demons Oxford Lancers Solent Redhawks UWE Bullets

South East

Cambridge Pythons Imperial Immortals Kent Falcons Royal Holloway Bears UEA Pirates

BUCS Division 2A


Napier Knights Edinburgh
Predators Heriot-Watt Lancaster Bombers Teesside Cougars UWS Pyros York Centurions


Bangor Muddogs Bradford Bears Chester Legion Edge Hill Vikings Keele Crusaders Leeds Gryphons Liverpool Raptors


Coventry Jets DMU Falcons Huddersfield Hawks Leicester Longhorns Lincoln Colonials MMU Eagles Northampton Nemesis


BNU Buccaneers Brunel Burners Chichester Spitfires City Sentinels KCL Regents Southampton Stags

South West

Bath Spa Bulldogs Bournemouth Bobcats Bristol Barracuda Gloucestershire Gladiators OBU Panthers Plymouth Blitz Aberystwyth Tarannau

South East

ARU Rhinos Canterbury Chargers Essex Blades Greenwich Mariners QMBL Vipers UEL Phoenix Westminster Dragons

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National Football League
National Football League
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