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NT or nt may refer to:


1 Science

1.1 Biology and medicine

2 Technology 3 Organisations 4 Places 5 Transportation 6 Linguistics 7 Sports and games 8 Psychology 9 People 10 Other uses 11 See also


(nT), an SI unit of magnetic flux density Neutronium, a proposed name for a substance composed purely of neutrons Nit (unit), a deprecated non-SI name for a unit of luminance Niton (element)
Niton (element)
(Nt), obsolete name of the element radon Near Threatened
Near Threatened
(NT or LR/nt), IUCN Red List category Number theory
Number theory
(NT), a branch of pure mathematics devoted primarily to the study of the integers.

Biology and medicine[edit]

Neurotransmitter, chemical signals used in communication between neurons Nucleotide, a chemical compound Nuclear transfer, the scientific technique used to clone animals Nuchal translucency scan, a sonographic prenatal screening scan


Nested Task flag, a flag in the FLAGS register of Intel x86 processors Windows NT, an operating system from Microsoft Network termination, a device connecting the customer's data or telephone equipment to the local exchange carrier's line NT (cassette), Sony's microcassette-based digital memo recorder Analogue Nt, an aftermarket Nintendo Entertainment System


National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, better known as the National Trust, a UK conservation organisation Royal National Theatre, London, England, known as the National Theatre New Trier High School, a high school in Winnetka, Illinois, US Nortel
(stock symbol), a telecommunications equipment company


Northern Territory, Australia Northwest Territories, Canada New Territories, an area of land in Hong Kong Saudi Arabian–Iraqi neutral zone
Saudi Arabian–Iraqi neutral zone
(obsolete ISO 3166 code) Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles
(FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code)


Net tonnage, a measurement used for ships Binter Canarias
Binter Canarias
(IATA airline designator) Zeppelin NT, a type of German airship manufactured since the 1990s


Nt (digraph), written Nt or nt, letter in several African languages n't, a contracted form of the English word not

Sports and games[edit]

Nose tackle, a position in American football Nicktropolis, a Nick.com game No Trump, in contract bridge and other card games


Neurotypical or neurologically typical, someone whose brain development and activity are typical Intuitive thinker, one of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators


Nick Tomniuk

Other uses[edit]

Newfoundland Time, a timezone in Atlantic Canada Neighbor tone, a nonchord tone that passes from a chord tone directly above or below it and resolves to the same tone New Taiwan dollar
New Taiwan dollar
(NT$), the currency of Taiwan New Testament, the second part of the Bible National Teacher, teacher in a National school (Ireland) NT, an abbreviation sometimes used for state in which the town of Springfield is located in The Simpsons TV show

See also[edit]

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