''Mythologiques'' is a four-volume work of cultural anthropology by Claude Lévi-Strauss. Originally written in French, the works were translated into English by John Weightman and Doreen Weightman. The four volumes of ''Mythologiques'' are: # ''The Raw and the Cooked'' (''Le Cru et le cuit'') - First published 1964. Translated in 1969 #''From Honey to Ashes'' (''Du miel aux cendres'') - First published in 1966. Translated in 1973 #''The Origin of Table Manners'' (''L'Origine des manières de table'') - First published in 1968. Translated in 1978 #''The Naked Man'' (''L'Homme nu'') - First published in 1971. Translated in 1981. Category:Works by Claude Lévi-Strauss Category:French books Category:Mythology books Category:Anthropology books {{cultural-anthropology-book-stub