Myntverket (officially AB Myntverket) is a private Swedish company that produces coins and medals, including the Swedish national coins and the
Nobel Prize The Nobel Prizes ( ; sv, Nobelpriset ; no, Nobelprisen ) are five separate prizes that, according to Alfred Nobel's will of 1895, are awarded to "those who, during the preceding year, have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind." Alfre ...
medals. , Swedish coins are minted by Myntverket's parent company, Mint of Finland Ltd ( sv, Myntverket i Finland AB, fi, Rahapaja Oy) in
Helsinki Helsinki ( or ; ; sv, Helsingfors, ) is the Capital city, capital, primate city, primate, and List of cities and towns in Finland, most populous city of Finland. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, it is the seat of the region of U ...
Finland Finland ( fi, Suomi ; sv, Finland ), officially the Republic of Finland (; ), is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It shares land borders with Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east, with the Gulf of Bot ...
, ending a 1,012-year history of minting Swedish coins in Sweden.

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