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(Mayilāppūr) is a cultural hub and neighborhood in the southern part of the city of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the oldest residential parts of the city. It is also called Thirumayilai. Mylapore
is known for its tree-lined avenues, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Katcheri
seasons and Ramakrishna
Math among many others.[3] Portuguese invaded and demolished the original Kapaleeshwarar Temple
Kapaleeshwarar Temple
and built San Thome Basilica
San Thome Basilica
which houses the tomb of Thomas the Apostle.[4][5][6][7]

The tomb of Thomas the Apostle
Thomas the Apostle
in San Thome Basilica.


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Math 6.1.3 Adi Kesava Perumal Temple 6.1.4 Sri Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam/Sri Srinivasar Koil 6.1.5 San Thome Basilica 6.1.6 Luz Church 6.1.7 Other places

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Etymology[edit] The word Mylapore
is derived from Mayil arparikum oor, which means "Land of the peacock scream".[8] Historically, peacocks have been known to thrive in the area, which is evident from the several statues in the Kapaleeshwarar Temple
Kapaleeshwarar Temple
towers and in the emblem of the San Thome Basilica. Thirugnanasambandar has also mentioned about mayil (peacock) in his songs in Tevaram. Mylapore
is also known as Thirumayilai. Thiru means 'holy' or 'sacred' and is traditionally used in front of names in all parts of Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu
like Thiruneermalai
(Lord Ranganatha), Thirunageswaram
( Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu
and Lord Shiva), Thirumayam
(Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva), Thirumayilai (Lord Adikeshava Perumal and Lord Kapali Eshwaran), Tiruvanamalai
(Lord Shiva), Thiruchendur
(Lord Muruga), Tiruchirappalli
(Lord Sriranganathar), Thiruttani
(Lord Muruga), Tiruchengode
(Lord Shiva), Thiruchitrambalam (Lord Shiva), Thirumanancheri (Lord Shiva), Thirunallar
(Lord Shani Eshwaran), Thiruporur(Lord Muruga), Thirukkadaiyur
(Lord Shiva), Tirukalukundram(Lord Vedagiriswarar temple), Thirukarugavur (Lord Garbharakshambigai temple), Tirunelveli, Tiruppur, Tiruvallur
and many more. History[edit] Mylapore
predates British rule by several centuries. It was historically known as Vedapuri. As the available historical and archaeological evidence show, it could well be the oldest part of Chennai, with written records of early settlements going back to the first century BC. It was known for its ancient port with a flourishing trade with the Roman Empire, receiving gold in exchange for its products like pepper and fine cloth. St. Thomas the Apostle
Thomas the Apostle
allegedly died at Mylapore
in 72 AD.[4][5][6][7] Ptolemy
had recorded in the 2nd century AD that the port of Mylapore
was known to the Greeks and the Romans. The Saivite Saints of the 7th Century, Saint Sambandar and Saint Appar, have sung about the Shrine
in their hymns. Mention has been made of the early settlement of Santhome
(currently known) by Arab travelers and merchants of the 9th and 10th centuries AD. Marco Polo visited the place in the late 13th century and left a detailed description of the land, the people along with their customs and religion.[9] It was considerable maritime time and the ancient German and Greek maps refer to the town as 'Maliarpha'. The later Scottish researchers like James Playfair
James Playfair
referred it "Meliapour"[10][11] Mylapore
was occupied by the Portuguese in 1523, who established the viceroyalty of "São Tomé de Meliapor" or "Saint Thomas of Mylapore." Portuguese rule lasted until 1749, except for a brief interregnum between 1662 and 1687, when the town was occupied by the Dutch. After 1749, the British East India
Company took possession of the settlement in the name of Muhammad Ali Khan Wallajah, the Nawab of Arcot.[12] In that same year, Mylapore
was incorporated into the administration of the Presidency of Madras. The settlement known as "Luz" developed during this period. The name finds its origins from the 'Nossa Senhora Da Luz' (Our Lady of Light) church built by the Portuguese in 1516 AD. This church is one of the oldest standing Christian structures in all of Tamil Nadu. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the town became the commercial and intellectual hub of Madras city and home to British-educated lawyers and statesmen.[13][14][15] Some of the luminaries based in Mylapore
included Sir V. Bhashyam Aiyangar, Sir S. Subramania Iyer, Sir T. Madhava Rao, Eardley Norton, Sir P. S. Sivaswami Iyer, Pennathur Subramania Iyer, V. Krishnaswamy Iyer, Sir C. P. Ramaswami Iyer, H Bhimasena Rau, C S Rama Rao Sahib, Subanthore Vasudeva Rao, CR Krishnaswamy Rao Sahib and the civil engineer C R Narayana Rao. Location[edit] Mylapore
is located a few kilometres to the south of the British-built Chennai
city. It lies between Triplicane
and Teynampet
in the west then across to the coast in the east. It is bounded by Royapettah
to the north. Its southern frontier corresponds roughly with that of the River Adyar. It extends for around 4 km from north to south and 2 km from east to west.

Areas of Chennai

Gopalapuram Royapettah Triplicane




& Raja Annamalaipuram Mandavelli
& Raja Annamalaipuram Santhome
& Foreshore Estate

Demographics[edit] The population of Mylapore
is estimated to be around 150,000 to 300,000.[16] It has long been a site of cultural importance for Brahmins, which can be attributed to Mylapore's early role as a temple centre. Smartha Brahmins, a sub-sect, were one of the first people to settle in this township.[17] More accurate statistics are not available as Mylapore
is not a separate township by itself, but a part of Chennai
city. The different neighbourhoods within Mylapore
have been distributed among the different wards of the Chennai
Corporation. Notable personalities[edit]

According to Hindu legend, Pey Azhwar, one of the twelve azhwar saints of South India, was found in the lily flower in the pond of the Adi Kesava Perumal Temple in Mylapore
in 4203 BCE.[18] St. Thomas the Apostle
Thomas the Apostle
attained martyrdom at Mylapore
in 72 CE.[4][7] San Thome Basilica
San Thome Basilica
is built over his original tomb. His relics were moved to Edessa in the third century.[19]

Important places[edit]

Kapaleeswarar Temple

San Thome Basilica

Entrance of the Universal Temple

Temple Tank in Mylapore

A temple for Thiruvalluvar
in Mylapore

Religious places[edit] Mylapore
is known for its cultural and religious heritage. Mylapore
is home to hundreds of temples, churches and mosques. Kapaleeswarar Temple[edit] Kapaleeswarar Temple
Kapaleeswarar Temple
is one of the most famous temples of Chennai. Originally built in the 7th century by the ruling Pallavas, the temple was destroyed by the Portuguese in the 16th century to construct the San Thome Basilica, and a new temple was constructed in the 16th century by the Tuluva dynasty
Tuluva dynasty
(1491–1570 CE) using remains of the old temple. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. The temple exhibits exquisite Dravidian architecture. The huge temple is surrounded by traditional crowded street markets of Chennai
selling fruits, flowers, vegetables and traditional brass ware. Ramakrishna

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Sri Ramakrishna
Mutt, is the oldest center of the Ramakrishna
Order in the South India. Sri Ramakrishna
is the main deity of the temple. Architecture of the temple is a blend of Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, Rajput, and Christian styles. The sprawling campus contains several huge quiet halls for dhyana, Sanskrit word for meditation. The book store on the campus sells books on Indian epics - Ramayana and Mahabharatha, talks, travels and works of Ramakrishna
Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda, as well as the philosophy of Vedanta
along with monthly magazines. The monks conduct lectures and interviews in English on Sunday evenings from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.[20] Adi Kesava Perumal Temple[edit] Mylapore
is known for the AdiKesava Perumal Temple constructed in honor of Keshava or Lord Vishnu, a principal God in the Hindu pantheon and the "Savior" in the Hindu trinity. The temple has an idol of Lord Vishnu accompanied by his celestial consort Goddess Lakshmi. This is the birthplace of Peyazhawar. It has sannathis for the thayar Mayuravalli, Chakkarathazhvar, Sri Andal, Sri Rama & Anjaneya. It is the avathara sthalam (birthplace) of peyazhvar and has a separate sannithi for the azhvar. During the brahmotsavam the utsavar goes in a procession accompanied by Sridevi & Bhudevi in the mada streets and also gives us the chance to see the theppam festival in the centuries-old kulam(tank). Every year the Parthasarathy perumal comes to the Kesava perumal temple and Kesava perumal too goes to Triplicane along with Peyazhvar.[21] Sri Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam/Sri Srinivasar Koil[edit] Mylapore
has the Srinivasar temple near Chitra Kulam in Mylapore, which is administered by the Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam (SVDD)]. It is located beside the Adi Kesava Perumal Temple, which has an imposing gopuram that can be seen from quite a distance. San Thome Basilica[edit] San Thome Basilica, built over the tomb of Thomas the Apostle, is a Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
minor basilica at Santhome
in the city of Chennai. Thomas is traditionally believed to have sailed to Muziris
in modern-day Kerala
in AD 52.[7][22] The Saint Thomas Christians or Nasrani Christians of Kerala
are believed to have been converted by St Thomas. Tradition has it that Thomas was killed in 72 CE at Mylapore
and his body was interred here. His relics were moved to Edessa in the third century. San Thome Basilica
San Thome Basilica
was built over his original tomb in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers, after demolishing the original Kapaleeshwarar Temple
Kapaleeshwarar Temple
which stood on the grounds, and rebuilt with the status of a cathedral by the British in 1893 which still stands.[5] San Thome Basilica
San Thome Basilica
is the principal church of the Madras- Mylapore
Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
Archdiocese. In 1956, Pope Pius XII raised the church to the status of a Minor Basilica, and on 11 February 2006, it was declared a national shrine by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India. It is an important pilgrimage center for the Syrian Christians of Kerala. The church also has an attached museum.[23] Luz Church[edit] Church of Our Lady of Light is a Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic
shrine in Chennai, India. It is commonly called as Luz Church by the locals, which derives from the Portuguese name Nossa Senhora da Luz. Built in 1516 by the Portuguese, it is one of the oldest Churches in the city and its foundation stone marks as one of the oldest European monuments in India. The history of the church dates back to the 16th-century legend of safe arrival to land by missionaries. The church is located very near to the Santhome
Basilica, where Apostle Thomas is believed to be buried. Although at the time the church was built, the locality was a thick forest, now it is part of a bustling metropolitan area. This 16th century European architecture building consists of patterns of Gothic arches and Baroque ornamentation. The feast of Our Lady of Light is celebrated on 15 August every year. Other places[edit]

Veera Anjaneyar Temple, near Luz Madhava Perumal temple Saptha Sthaana Shiva Temples, 1. Sri Karaneeswarar Temple; 2. Sri Theerthapaleeswarar Temple; 3. Sri Velleeswarar Temple; 4. Sri Virupaksheeswarar Temple; 5. Sri Valeeswarar Temple; 6. Sri Malleeswarar Temple; 7. Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple. Madras Music Academy Vivekananda College Lighthouse, Chennai


Convention of the Mylai Tamizh Sangam, early 1900s

Fine Arts Club

See also: Culture of Chennai Mylapore
is regarded by many as the cultural hub of the city. Mylapore is the home of music sabhas (cultural organizations) and musicians. December is often set aside as the Music Season
Music Season
when regular and continuous kutcheris are organized by the Sabhas in Mylapore. There are performances by Carnatic Music
Carnatic Music
vocalists and artists during this period. The Parthasarathy Swami Sabha in Mylapore
is the oldest Sabha (Assembly) in Tamil Nadu. The Madras Music Academy
Madras Music Academy
in the north of the district is an important nucleus of art events in the city. Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan Auditorium conducts cultural events. The Mylapore
Fine Arts located near Nageshwara Rao Park is another Sabha. Nageshwara Rao Garden is known for its play area, shrubs and cultural events. Mylapore
Website provides news about Arts & Culture of Chennai City [24] The Mylapore
Times, a weekly neighbourhood newspaper, covers issues relating to the neighbourhood of Mylapore. Food[edit] Mylapore
is also known for its South-Indian food. There are many famous eateries in Mylapore
that are thronged by people. Politics[edit] The Mylapore
assembly constituency is part of Chennai
South (Lok Sabha constituency).[25] Education[edit] Mylapore
contains many educational institutions, including One of the best private Film school in India
mindscreen film institute headed by Rajiv Menon which offers courses in film making, cinematography and acting Vivekananda College, Lady Sivaswamy Ayyar Girls Hr.Sec.School St., Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior Sec School, Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Higher Sec School, St Raphael's Girls Hr.Sec.School, Rosary matriculation Higher secondary school, St Bede's Anglo Indian Higher secondary school, Santhome
Higher Sec. School, Montfort Academy, MCTM Chidambaram Chettyar International IB School, Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed(J.B.A.S) Memorial Matric Hr. Sec.Boys School, Dominic Savio School, St. John's Schools, P. S. Senior Secondary School, Vidya Mandir Secondary School, P.S Higher Secondary School, with the latter being over a hundred years old. India's first digital media college— the Image College of Arts, Animation, and Technology is also based in Mylapore. Transportation[edit] Tram[edit] There used to be a tram line running through Kutchery Road from Santhome
via Luz, Mylapore. Road[edit] Mylapore
is connected to other parts of the city by MTC buses, with connections including Chennai
Central, T. Nagar, Tambaram, Broadway. Rail[edit] Thirumayilai Railway Station, on the Mass Rapid Transit System network, connects Mylapore
to Chennai
Beach to the north and Velachery on the south. See also[edit]

History of Chennai


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Aamullaivoyal Aathur Agaram Alamathi Andarkuppam Angadu Anuppampattu Arambakkam Arani Ariyalur Arumandhai Assisi Nagar, Chennai Athipattu Athipattu
New Town Athivakkam Attanthangal Avurikollaimedu Ayanavaram Azhinjivakkam Bandikavanoor Basin Bridge Chinnasekkadu Chettimedu Edapalayam Edayanchavadi Ennore Elandanur Elanthancherry Elavur Ernavoor Erukkancherry Gnayiru Gounderpalayam Grant Lyon Gummidipoondi Janapanchatram Jawahar Nagar Kadapakkam Kaladipet Kalakkral Kalpalayam Kanniammanpettai Kannigaipair Karanodai Kathirvedu Kathivakkam Katupalli Kavangarai Kavaraipettai Kasimedu Kattur KK Thazhai Kaviarasu Kannadhasan Nagar Kodipallam Kodungaiyur Kolathur Kondithope Korukkupet Kosappur Kottai Karai Kumaran Nagar Lakshmipuram Madhavaram Madhavaram
Milk Colony Madharpakkam Madiyur Mahakavi Bharathi Nagar Manali Manali New Town Manjambakkam Mathur Mettu Surapedu Mettu Thandalam Minjur Moolachatiram Moolakadai Muthialpet Nallur Nandiambakkam Napalayam Naravarikuppam New Erumai Vetti Palayam Old Erumai Vetti Palayam Orakadu Padianallur Pallipattu Panchetti Payasambakkam Pazhaverkadu Perambur Peravallur Periapalayam Periyamullavoyal Periyar Nagar Periyasekkadu Perungavur Ponneri Ponniammanmedu Pothur Puthubakkam Puduvoyal Pulli Lyon Puthagaram Puzhal Red Hills Retteri Royapuram Sadayankuppam Sathangadu Sathyamoorthy Nagar (Tiruvottiyur) Sathyamoorthy Nagar (Vyasarpadi) Seemavaram Selavayal Sembilivaram Sembium Sembiyamanali Sholavaram Siruvapuri Sirunium Sowcarpet Sothuperumbedu Surapet Thadaperumbakkam Thatchoor Thathaimanji Theerthakariampattu Theeyampakkam Thervoy Kandigai Thirunilai Thiruvellavoyal Thiru Vi Ka Nagar Tiruvottiyur Tollgate Tondiarpet Uthukottai Vadagarai Vadamadurai Vadaperumbakkam Vaikkadu Vallalar Nagar Vallur Vannipakkam Vazhuthigaimedu Vellivoyalchavadi Vengal Vichoor Vijayanallur Vilakupattu Vilangadupakkam Villivakkam Vinayagapuram VOC Nagar Voyalur Vyasarpadi Washermanpet Wimco Nagar


Adayalampattu Alwarthirunagar Ambattur Aminjikarai Athipet Andankuppam Anna Nagar Anna Nagar
Anna Nagar
West Annanur Arakkambakkam Aranvoyal Ashok Nagar Arakkonam Arumbakkam Avadi Ayanambakkam Ayapakkam Ayathur Beemanthangal Chembarambakkam Choolaimedu Egattur Gerugambakkam Govardhanagiri ICF Colony Irungattukottai Iyyapanthangal K. K. Nagar Kadambathur Kadavur Kakkalur Kakkalur Industrial Estate Kallikuppam Karalapakkam Karambakkam Karayanchavadi Kattupakkam Kilkondaiyur Koduvalli Koladi Kolapakkam Konnur Korattur Kovur Koyambedu Kumananchavadi Kundrathur Kuthambakkam Maduravoyal Malayambakkam Manapakkam Manavala Nagar Melkondaiyur Mettu Kandigai MGR Nagar Mogappair Morai Moulivakkam Mugalivakkam Muthapudupet Nandambakkam Nandambakkam Narasingapuram Nazarathpettai Nemam Nemilichery Nesapakkam Nerkundram Nolambur Noombal Oragadam Padi Pakkam Pandeswaram Pandur Paraniputhur Parivakkam Paruthipattu Pattabiram Pattaravakkam Perambakkam Periyapanicheri Perumalpattu Poochi Athipedu Poonamallee Poondi Poonthandalam Porur Pudhur Putlur Ramapuram Ramavaram Sekkadu Seneerkuppam Sevvapet Shenoy Nagar Sorancheri Sriperumbudur Sunguvarchatram Surapet Tamaraipakkam Thandalam Thandurai Thathankuppam Thirumangalam Thirumazhisai Thirumullaivoyal Thiruninravur Tiruvallur Tiruverkadu Valasaravakkam Vanagaram Veerapuram Vellanur Vellavedu Velappanchavadi Vengathur Venkatapuram Veppampattu Vilinjiyambakkam Virugambakkam


Alwarpet Broadway Burma Bazaar Chennai
Central Chepauk Chetput Chintadripet Choolai Egmore Foreshore Estate George Town Gopalapuram Greenways Road Kilpauk Kodambakkam Kosapet Kothawal Chavadi Kotturpuram Mandavelli Mannady Mambalam MRC Nagar Mylapore Nandanam Nochikuppam Nungambakkam Otteri Panagal Park Park Town Parry's Corner Pattalam Periamet Pondy Bazaar Pudupet Pulianthope Purasawalkam Quibble Island Raja Annamalai Puram Royapettah Saidapet Saligramam Santhome T Nagar Teynampet The Island Triplicane Trustpuram Vadapalani Vepery West Mambalam


Alandur Adambakkam Adyar Agaramthen Alandur Anakaputhur Besant Nagar Chitlapakkam Chromepet Chengalpattu Egattur Ekkaduthangal Erumaiyur Gowrivakkam Guduvancheri Guindy Guindy
TVK Estate Devaneri Hasthinapuram Illalur Injambakkam Irumbuliyur Jafferkhanpet Jaladampet Kanathur Kandanchavadi Kannivakkam Karanai Karapakkam Karumbakkam Kattankulathur Kazhipattur Kizhkalvoy Keelkattalai Kelambakkam Kottivakkam Kovalam Kovilambakkam Kovilanchery Madambakkam Madhuvankarai Madipakkam Mamallapuram Manimangalam Mannivakkam Maraimalai Nagar Medavakkam Meenambakkam Melkalvoy MEPZ Mettukuppam Mudichur Muttukadu Nandivaram Nanganallur Nanmangalam Navalur Neelankarai Nellikuppam Noothancheri Okkiyam Okkiyampet Oragadam Ottiambakkam Padappai Palavakkam Palavanthangal Pallavaram Pallikaranai Pammal Panaiyur Paranur Pattipulam Payanur Pazhanthandalam Peerkankaranai Perumbakkam Perumathunallur Perungalathur Perungudi Perunthandalam Ponmar Polichalur Potheri Pudupakkam Puzhuthivakkam Rajakilpakkam Rathinamangalam Selaiyur Sembakkam Semmencherry Sholinganallur Singaperumalkoil Siruseri Sithalapakkam Somangalam St. Thomas Mount Tambaram Tambaram
Sanatorium Thaiyur Tharamani Tharapakkam Thirumudivakkam Thiruneermalai Thiruporur Thiruvanmiyur Thiruvidandhai Thuraipakkam Tirusulam Ullagaram Urapakkam Uthandi Vadanemili Vandalur Vanuvampet Velachery Vengaivasal Vettuvankeni

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Portuguese overseas empire

North Africa

15th century

1415–1640 Ceuta

1458–1550 Alcácer Ceguer (El Qsar es Seghir)

1471–1550 Arzila (Asilah)

1471–1662 Tangier

1485–1550 Mazagan (El Jadida)

1487–16th century Ouadane

1488–1541 Safim (Safi)

1489 Graciosa

16th century

1505–1541 Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gué (Agadir)

1506–1525 Mogador (Essaouira)

1506–1525 Aguz (Souira Guedima)

1506–1769 Mazagan (El Jadida)

1513–1541 Azamor (Azemmour)

1515–1541 São João da Mamora (Mehdya)

1577–1589 Arzila (Asilah)

Sub-Saharan Africa

15th century

1455–1633 Anguim

1462–1975 Cape Verde

1470–1975 São Tomé1

1471–1975 Príncipe1

1474–1778 Annobón

1478–1778 Fernando Poo (Bioko)

1482–1637 Elmina
(São Jorge da Mina)

1482–1642 Portuguese Gold Coast

1508–15472 Madagascar3

1498–1540 Mascarene Islands

16th century

1500–1630 Malindi

1501–1975 Portuguese Mozambique

1502–1659 Saint Helena

1503–1698 Zanzibar

1505–1512 Quíloa (Kilwa)

1506–1511 Socotra

1557–1578 Accra

1575–1975 Portuguese Angola

1588–1974 Cacheu4

1593–1698 Mombassa (Mombasa)

17th century

1645–1888 Ziguinchor

1680–1961 São João Baptista de Ajudá

1687–1974 Bissau4

18th century

1728–1729 Mombassa (Mombasa)

1753–1975 Portuguese São Tomé and Príncipe

19th century

1879–1974 Portuguese Guinea

1885–1974 Portuguese Congo5

1 Part of São Tomé and Príncipe
from 1753. 2 Or 1600. 3 A factory (Anosy Region) and small temporary coastal bases. 4 Part of Portuguese Guinea
Portuguese Guinea
from 1879. 5 Part of Portuguese Angola
Portuguese Angola
from the 1920s.

Middle East [Persian Gulf]

16th century

1506–1615 Gamru (Bandar Abbas)

1507–1643 Sohar

1515–1622 Hormuz (Ormus)

1515–1648 Quriyat

1515–? Qalhat

1515–1650 Muscat

1515?–? Barka

1515–1633? Julfar (Ras al-Khaimah)

1521–1602 Bahrain
(Muharraq • Manama)

1521–1529? Qatif

1521?–1551? Tarut Island

1550–1551 Qatif

1588–1648 Matrah

17th century

1620–? Khor Fakkan

1621?–? As Sib

1621–1622 Qeshm

1623–? Khasab

1623–? Libedia

1624–? Kalba

1624–? Madha

1624–1648 Dibba Al-Hisn

1624?–? Bandar-e Kong

Indian subcontinent

15th century


Laccadive Islands (Lakshadweep)

16th century Portuguese India

 • 1500–1663 Cochim (Kochi)

 • 1501–1663 Cannanore (Kannur)

 • 1502–1658  1659–1661

Quilon (Coulão / Kollam)

 • 1502–1661 Pallipuram (Cochin de Cima)

 • 1507–1657 Negapatam (Nagapatnam)

 • 1510–1961 Goa

 • 1512–1525  1750

Calicut (Kozhikode)

 • 1518–1619 Portuguese Paliacate outpost (Pulicat)

 • 1521–1740 Chaul

  (Portuguese India)

 • 1523–1662 Mylapore

 • 1528–1666

Chittagong (Porto Grande De Bengala)

 • 1531–1571 Chaul

 • 1531–1571 Chalé

 • 1534–1601 Salsette Island

 • 1534–1661 Bombay (Mumbai)

 • 1535 Ponnani

 • 1535–1739 Baçaím (Vasai-Virar)

 • 1536–1662 Cranganore (Kodungallur)

 • 1540–1612 Surat

 • 1548–1658 Tuticorin (Thoothukudi)

 • 1559–1961 Daman and Diu

 • 1568–1659 Mangalore

  (Portuguese India)

 • 1579–1632 Hugli

 • 1598–1610 Masulipatnam (Machilipatnam)

1518–1521 Maldives

1518–1658 Portuguese Ceylon
Portuguese Ceylon
(Sri Lanka)

1558–1573 Maldives

17th century Portuguese India

 • 1687–1749 Mylapore

18th century Portuguese India

 • 1779–1954 Dadra and Nagar Haveli

East Asia and Oceania

16th century

1511–1641 Portuguese Malacca
Portuguese Malacca

1512–1621 Maluku [Indonesia]

 • 1522–1575  Ternate

 • 1576–1605  Ambon

 • 1578–1650  Tidore

1512–1665 Makassar

1557–1999 Macau [China]

1580–1586 Nagasaki [Japan]

17th century

1642–1975 Portuguese Timor
Portuguese Timor
(East Timor)1

19th century Portuguese Macau

 • 1864–1999 Coloane

 • 1851–1999 Taipa

 • 1890–1999 Ilha Verde

20th century Portuguese Macau

 • 1938–1941 Lapa and Montanha (Hengqin)

1 1975 is the year of East Timor's Declaration of Independence and subsequent invasion by Indonesia. In 2002, East Timor's independence was fully recognized.

North America & North Atlantic

15th century [Atlantic islands]

1420 Madeira

1432 Azores

16th century [Canada]

1500–1579? Terra Nova (Newfoundland)

1500–1579? Labrador

1516–1579? Nova Scotia

South America & Antilles

16th century

1500–1822 Brazil

 • 1534–1549  Captaincy Colonies of Brazil

 • 1549–1572  Brazil

 • 1572–1578  Bahia

 • 1572–1578  Rio de Janeiro

 • 1578–1607  Brazil

 • 1621–1815  Brazil

1536–1620 Barbados

17th century

1621–1751 Maranhão

1680–1777 Nova Colónia do Sacramento

18th century

1751–1772 Grão-Pará and Maranhão

1772–1775 Grão-Pará and Rio Negro

1772–1775 Maranhão and Piauí

19th century

1808–1822 Cisplatina

1809–1817 Portuguese Guiana (Amapá)

1822 Upper Peru
Upper Peru

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