Mustansir Barma is an Indian Scientist specializing in Statistical Physics. He was former Director of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.[1]

Awards and honours

  • Young Scientist Award of the Indian National Science Academy (1980).
  • Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences (1983 – 86).
  • Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for the Physical Sciences awarded by the CSIR (1995).
  • Honorary faculty member, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore (1998 – 2001).
  • DAE Raja Ramanna Prize Lecture in Physics (2004).
  • S.N. Bose Birth Centenary Award of the Indian Science Congress (2007).
  • J.C. Bose Fellowship of the Department of Science and Technology (2007).
  • Seventh Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (2009).
  • R.S. Goyal Prize for Physics (2006), awarded in 2010.
  • Padma Shri Award (2013)[2]