{{Infobox ethnic group group= Muse population = Unknown  Somaliland  Djibouti  Ethiopia  Somalia lang= Somali rels= Sunni Islam related = Somali clans The Muse clan' (Somali: Reer Sheikh Muse) is a Somali clan. Group members live in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Yemen.


Muse was the father of the clan. He was an early follower of the prophet Mohammed. According to his progeny, Shaykh Muse arrived at the coastal land of Somalia, Mitte, or Maydh. He came from Hadramaut, Yemen. It is believed that his grave is close to the sheikh Isaaq tomb in Maydh.

It is believed that his biography was lost after his history had been disregarded. Today Shaykh Muse is reputed to be the ancestor of the clan named after him and who venerate him every year once. Sheikh Muse is among the Shaykhs who are venerated in Northwest and West regions of Somalia, and professional shoemaker, haircut, and metalsmith groups also venerate him[1]. Also,[2]


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Notable people

1. Suldan Abdi Ismail

2. Suldan Mohammed Suldan Abdi Ismail

3. Sacid Mohammed Mohammud senator for Federal Parliament of Somalia

4. Hussen Ibrahim Buni vic Minister for planning of Somaliland

5. Mahdi Haji Osman vic Minister for health of Somaliland

6. Ali Hussen (Ali Makadshe)