The Info List - Mukti-yogyas

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In Dvaita
theology, Mukti-yogyas is a class of souls classified by Shri Madhvacharya
Shri Madhvacharya
as eligible for mukti or moksha. Madhva divides souls into three classes: one class of souls which qualify for liberation (Mukti-yogyas), another subject to eternal rebirth or eternal transmigration (Nitya-samsarins), and a third class that is eventually condemned to eternal hell or Andhatamas (Tamo-yogyas).[1] Mukti-yogyas are Jivas or souls who are receptive to spiritual values, and through repeated embodiments they evolve into better and better men, and finally through concentrated spiritual discipline and God's grace attain salvation. References[edit]

^ Tapasyananda, Swami. Bhakti Schools of Vedanta pg. 177.

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