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Movement may refer to:


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Common uses[edit]

Motion in physics Movement (clockwork), the internal mechanism of a timepiece Movement (sign language), the direction and nature of the movement of the hands when signing Syntactic movement, a phenomenon in some theories of grammar

Society and the arts[edit]

Movement (music festival), the Detroit Electronic Music Festival Social movement, a coordinated group action focused on a political or social issue Political movement, a coordinated group action focused on a political issue Art movement, a tendency or style in art followed by a group of artists The Movement (literature), a group of English poets who came to prominence in the 1950s


Movement (music), a large division of a larger composition or musical notes Movement (band), an Australian soul/ambient band Movements (band), an American post-hardcore band


Movement (9mm Parabellum Bullet album) Movement (Inhale Exhale album) Movement (Joe Harriott album), or the title track Movement (New Order album) Movement (The Gossip album) Movement (EP), an EP by BT Movements (album), by Booka Shade


"Movement" (song), a 2004 single by LCD Soundsystem "Movement", by The Black Eyed Peas from Behind the Front, 1998 "Movement", by Jamie Woon from Making Time, 2015 "Movement", by Club 8 from Pleasure, 2015 "Movement", by Bobby Hutcherson from Components, 1965


Momentum Movement, a Hungarian political party Motor planning, the process by which a person anticipates and implements the movement of the body

See also[edit]

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