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Mount Chenoua
Mount Chenoua
(Berber: Adrar en Cenwa, Arabic: جبل شنوة‎) is a mountain range in northern Algeria. It is located between Cherchell and Tipaza
on the Mediterranean
coast, just west of Algiers. There are marble quarries on the side of the mountain. Description[edit] There is a village on that mountain named Chenoua. A majority of its inhabitants speak a Berber language, the Shenwa Berber. According to local tradition the mountain range looks like a reclining pregnant woman from a certain distance.[2] Mount Chenoua
Mount Chenoua
is the site of Assia Djebar's film La Nouba des Femmes du Mont-Chenoua.[3] It also features prominently in Albert Camus' posthumously published novel, A Happy Death. There is also a Stone Eagle statue that was built in 1991. See also[edit]

Geography of Algeria


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