Mount is often used as part of the name of specific mountains, e.g. Mount Everest.

Mount or Mounts may also refer to:


People with the name

Computing and software

  • Mount (computing), the process of making a file system accessible
  • Mount (Unix), the utility in Unix-like operating systems which mounts file systems

Displays and equipment

  • Mount, a fixed point for attaching equipment, such as a hardpoint on an airframe
  • Mount, a hanging scroll for mounting paintings
  • Mount, to display an item on a heavy backing such as foamcore, e.g.:
    • To attach a picture or a painting to a support, followed by framing it
    • To pin a biological specimen on a heavy backing in a stretched stable position for ease of dissection or display
    • To prepare dead animals for display in taxidermy
  • Lens mount, an interface used to fix a lens to a camera
  • Mounting, placing a coverslip on a specimen on a microscopic slide
  • Telescope mount, a device used to support a telescope
  • Weapon mount, equipment used to secure an armament


Other uses

  • Mount, in copulation, the union of the sex organs in mating
  • Mount, a riding animal
  • Mount, or Vahana, an animal or mythical entity closely associated with a particular deity in Hindu mythology
  • Mount, to add butter to a sauce in order to thicken it, as with beurre monté

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