Mott-Smith, Geoffrey


The Mott-Smith Trophy, named for writer and cryptographer Geoffrey Mott-Smith, is awarded to the player who wins the most masterpoints at the spring American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championships, North American Bridge Championship (NABC).


The Mott-Smith Trophy was donated in 1961 by friends of Geoffrey Mott-Smith and was made retroactive to include all the winners from 1958.


Mott-Smith (1902–1960) was co-chairman of the ACBL Laws Commission, editor of the ACBL ''Bridge Bulletin'' 1935–36, a contributor to ''The Bridge World'', a writer and cryptographer. During World War II, Mott-Smith served as chief instructor for the Office of Strategic Services, OSS in the training of cryptographers and cryptanalysts. He wrote or co-wrote more than 29 books on games and served as games consultant for the Association of American Playing Card Manufacturers.


Boldface numerals represent a record-breaking number of masterpoints.

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