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The honorific prefix "THE MOST HONOURABLE" is a form of address that is used in several countries. In the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
, it precedes the name of a marquess or marchioness.

In Jamaica
, Governors-General of Jamaica
, as well as their spouses, are entitled to be styled "The Most Honourable" upon receipt of the Jamaican Order of the Nation
Order of the Nation
. Prime Ministers of Jamaica
, and their spouses, are also styled this way upon receipt of the Order of the Nation, which is only given to Jamaican Governors-General and Prime Ministers.

Certain dignitaries and recipients of honours in Africa are also so styled. For example, Knights and Dames invested in the dynastic orders of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom of Uganda ( Royal Order of the Engabu
Royal Order of the Engabu
and the Royal Order of the Omujwaara Kondo
Royal Order of the Omujwaara Kondo
) are granted the hereditary honorific style of "The Most Honourable".

In addition, the names of some groups use this prefix, such as "Her Majesty\'s Most Honourable Privy Council " in the United Kingdom.


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United Kingdom
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The Much Honoured



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