The Info List - Moshe Teitelbaum (ujhel)

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TEITELBAUM (Hebrew : טײטלבױם‎; teytlboym, deriving from a Yiddish/Germanic word meaning date palm) is a Jewish surname, which may refer to:

* Aaron Teitelbaum (b. 1948) * Chananyah Yom Tov Lipa Teitelbaum * Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum (1880–1926), the Sigheter Rebbe, author of Atzei Chaim * Joel Teitelbaum
Joel Teitelbaum
( Yoel Teitelbaum ) (1887–1979) * Jonn Teitelbaum, founder of Johnny Rockets restaurants * Mashel Teitelbaum (1921–1985), Canadian painter * Matthew Teitelbaum , Canadian art historian * Michael Teitelbaum
Michael Teitelbaum
* Moshe Teitelbaum (the First) (1759–1841) * Moshe Teitelbaum (1914–2006), world leader of the Satmar Hasidim * Richard Teitelbaum (born 1939), a composer, keyboardist, and improvisor. * Ruth Teitelbaum * Yekusiel Yehuda Teitelbaum (I) (1808–1883) * Yekusiel Yehuda Teitelbaum (II) (1911–1944) * Zalman (Leib Yekuthiel Yehuda) Teitelbaum (b. 1952)

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