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The Moscow
Higher Combined Arms Command School (MVOKU) is a higher military educational of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


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History[edit] The school was formed in December 15, 1917 (O.S., December 28 N.S.), by order of Vladimir Lenin as the 1st Moscow
revolutionary machine gun officers school. It later became the 1st Moscow
Machine Gunners' Officers Course and as "WPRA 1st Soviet Higher Military School All-Russian Central Executive Committee" and from 1925 to 1935, mounted the guard at Lenin's Mausoleum. It received the first of its 3 order medals, the Order of the Red Banner in 1938 as a result of its Corps of Cadets and some alumni of the school who fought the Battle of Khalkhin Gol, and the Second World War's Eastern Front it contributed to the defense of the Moscow
Region and the city itself. In October 1941, the school was granted the honorary title "Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR". In October 1945, 5 months after the allied victory in Europe, it moved to Kuzminki District in Moscow, where it remains to this day. In June 1958 the school was transformed into the Moscow
Higher Combined Arms Command School. The school had a training period of four years. On May 7, 1965, the school was awarded the Order of Lenin. On February 21, 1978, the school was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. In 1995, the 4-year training period was replaced with a training period of 5 years. In August 2004, the university was renamed the Higher Professional Education Institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (and was retited the Moscow
Military Command Training School). In 2010, the school was integrated into the Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces. In 2017, the Military Institute was removed from the Combined Arms Academy and was renamed again as the Moscow
Higher Military Command School (Combined Arms).[1][2] The school's cadets are also known as the Kremlin Cadets or the Kremlovtsy, for in January 1919 after just a year of operations, the Red Army
Red Army
took over the school administration, with headquarters and campus then at the Moscow
Kremlin. The Kremlin was its campus until it moved in 1935 to Moscow's Lefortovo District, giving way to the Kremlin Regiment, nowadays the President of Russia's escort and historical regiment. Mikhail Frunze
Mikhail Frunze
once told of these cadets during a 1918 visit that the 1st SMHS and its Corps of Cadets "serves as the fighting vanguard and unfading hope of the proletariat revolution in the Russian Republic". Alumni of the school have served with the Soviet Army
Soviet Army
and the Russian Ground Forces
Russian Ground Forces
in many local and international deployments. To mark its centennial year, the Order of Zhukov was bestowed to the MHMCACS in 2017. In honor of its 1917 establishment as the oldest officer cadet school in Russia
in the modern era, it has been since 1967 the last school and military unit to march past in military parades in Moscow's Red Square. It also maintains its privilege granted in the 1920s to hold graduation and commissioning parades there. Gallery[edit]

The school during a parade on Red Square

A commemorative medal celebrating 100 Years of the Moscow
Higher Military Command School.

A photo of Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Yazov when he was a cadet in the school.

The breastplate of the MVOKU.

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