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Mos is a municipality in Galicia, Spain
in the province of Pontevedra and next to Vigo. The Louro River floods through Mos from north to south, making the municipality a valley region.

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There is no significant urban nucleus and most of the population live scattered across the municipality. Family-owned farms and vineyards are very common.


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Weather[edit] The key feature of the climate of Mos is the existence of two very different microclimates, a mountain and a valley, represented near Comber and O Porriño, respectively. The average temperature is 14.05 °C. Education[edit] Mos has a high school, the IES de Mos. Mos is home to the O Castro British School, which starts from nursery through to KS4.[1] Economy[edit] Mos has a strong industry, and because of its geographical position between Vigo
and the Portuguese border, it is crossed by many transport infrastructures. Recently,[when?] the announcement of the construction of a high-speed railway track and a new highway has resulted in numerous demonstrations and protests. Government[edit] Since December 2008, the municipality has been governed by Nidia Arévalo, former People's Party councilor after a vote of no confidence. Communications[edit] Four major roads cross southern Galicia Mos: the N-550 (Tui - A Coruña), AP-9 (Atlantic Highway), the A-52 (Vigo, Ourense) and A-55 (Vigo-Portugal). Vigo
Airport (VGO) is partially in the boundaries of Mos. References[edit]

^ O Castro British School

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