The Morteau sausage (French: saucisse de Morteau; also known as the Belle de Morteau) is a traditional smoked sausage from the Morteau region of France (in the department of Doubs in Franche-Comté). It is smoked in traditional pyramidal chimneys, called tuyés. It is a very strongly flavoured and very dense uncooked sausage.

It is produced on the plateau and in the mountains of the Jura mountains in the Doubs at an altitude greater than 600 m (2,000 ft). The city of Morteau is at the centre of this artisanal industry.

Morteau sausage is produced using only pork from the Franche-Comté, because in this mountainous region the animals are fattened traditionally. In addition, to be permitted to use the label "Saucisse de Morteau", the sausages must be smoked for at least 48 hours with sawdust from conifer and juniper within the tuyé. It is not cooked, however, as the combustion is accompanied by a strong current of air. These sausages are guaranteed by the IGP label, which denotes their quality, origin and method of preparation as a regional French specialty. Authentic Morteau has a metal tag as well as a small wooden stick wrapped around the end of the link.

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