Mohawk may refer to:

Related to Native Americans

  • Mohawk people, an indigenous people of North America (Canada and New York)
  • Mohawk language, the language spoken by the Mohawk people
  • Mohawk hairstyle, from a hairstyle once thought to have been traditionally worn by the Mohawk people
  • Mohawk people (Oregon), a band of the Kalapuya Native American tribe in the U.S. state of Oregon



Lakes, rivers and waterfalls


United States


  • USS Mohawk, three US Navy ships, as well as Coast Guard and Revenue cutters and a navy reserve tug
  • HMS Mohawk, thirteen ships of the Royal Navy
  • Mohawk, a wooden steamboat once known as the Inland Flyer


In business

In music

  • Essra Mohawk (born 1947), American singer-songwriter
  • Frazier Mohawk (born 1941), American record producer and husband of Essra Mohawk
  • The Mohawks, a band fronted by composer Alan Hawkshaw
  • Mohawk, a jazz tune composed by Charlie Parker appearing on the 1950 album Bird & Diz

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Roads and raceways

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