Moglicë Hydro Power Plant is a large hydroelectricity plant under construction on the river Devoll situated near the village Moglicë, Albania. The project consists of a large power plant with an installed capacity of 172 MW and an average annual production of 475 GWh.[2] It is being built by Devoll Hydropower, an Albanian company owned by Norwegian power company Statkraft.[3] The asphalt-core rock-fill dam will be 320 m long, 150 m high and 460 m wide.[4] The dam is anticipated to be the world's highest of its kind upon completion.[5] The reservoir will have a surface area of 7.2 km2, and a storage capacity of about 360 million m3. The power plant is part of the Devoll Hydropower Project and construction on it began in June 2013.[6] It is expected to be completed in 2019.[7]