Many regional cuisines feature a mixed grill, a meal consisting of a traditional assortment of grilled meats.[1]

List of mixed grill dishes

Mixed grill dishes include:

By region

  • Australia: Similar to the English version (see below), it usually consists of bacon, lamb chops, rump steak, beef or pork sausages, eggs, and occasionally, tomatoes and pineapple.
  • English mixed grill, also known as 'London Grill', 'Lancashire Fry', 'Bolton Grill', etc – consisting of lamb chops, lamb kidneys, beef steak, Gammon, tomato and mushrooms.
  • Italian – typically featuring chicken, often marinated in olive oil, garlic, lemon and rosemary; beef and pork.[1]
  • Latin American and Spanish barbecued pinchitos – Mixed grill, barbecued meat and vegetables on sticks, are known as espetinhos, pinchos, pinchos americanos, brochetas, or anticuchos in Central and South America. These barbecued pinchos may include pieces of beef, pork, chicken, fish/shark, Mexican chorizo (or sausage), kidney, or liver, among others.
  • South African mixed gill, featuring boerewors, eggs, lamb chops, rump steak.
  • South American (especially Argentine) asado, featuring cuts of beef, kidney, liver and sausages (especially chorizo and morcilla, a form of blood sausage).[1]
  • South Asian (Bangladesh/India/Pakistan): Chicken tikka, mutton tikka, eaten with roti and chutney.
  • United States (Kansas City) breakfast mixed grill, typically featuring a slice of ham, sausage links, bacon strips, eggs, home fries and buttered toast.

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