Mirror Master (album)


''Mirror Master'' is the fourth studio album by the American alternative rock band Young the Giant. It was released on 12 October 2018 through Elektra Records.


If their previous album, ''Home of the Strange'', is about the political issues in America, then ''Mirror Master'' is quite clearly about the personal – the internal. In an interview with billboard.com, Sameer Gadhia, lead vocalist and lyricist, explains this more in depth. The name ''Mirror Master'' comes from the idea that "You look at yourself in the mirror every day and you see a different version of yourself". Gadhia goes on to explain: In tracks such as "Superposition", "Call Me Back", and "You + I", Sameer explores relationships and the contrast between the bliss and the complexities one can find therein. Meanwhile, in "Heat of the Summer", and "Glory", Gadhia takes on the beast: himself. “That was probably one of the most self-effacing, most vulnerable lyrics that I wrote for the record,” explains Gadhia, on "Glory".

Critical reception

Giving it 3 out of 5 stars, Neil Z. Yeung of AllMusic wrote that "Although Mirror Master drifts along without making much of an impression, there's enough to sate fans and warrant a listen."

Track listing

#"Superposition (song), Superposition" – 3:50 #"Simplify" – 3:32 #"Call Me Back" – 3:57 #"Heat of the Summer" – 3:31 #"Oblivion" – 3:48 #"Darkest Shade of Blue" – 2:13 #"Brother's Keeper" – 4:10 #"Glory" – 3:18 #"Tight Rope" – 3:58 #"Panoramic Girl" – 4:02 #"You + I" – 4:14 #"Mirror Master" – 4:09



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