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Mirditë District
Mirditë District
(Albanian: Rrethi i Mirditës) was one of the thirty-six districts of Albania
(which were dissolved in 2000) that is now part of Lezhë County. It had a population of 26,668[2] (2010 estimate), and an area of 867 km². It is in the north of the country, and its capital was Rrëshen. During the time of Ottoman rule, Mirdita, along with the surrounding tribal regions, obtained a status of semi-independence from the Ottomans and managed to preserve their Roman Catholic faith.[citation needed] The region is known as a stronghold of Albanian nationalism
Albanian nationalism
and devout Catholicism.


1 Administrative divisions

1.1 Mirditë Municipality

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Administrative divisions[edit] The district consisted of the following municipalities: Mirditë Municipality[edit]

Fan Kaçinar Kthellë Orosh Rrëshen Rubik Selitë

Note: - urban municipalities in bold Mirdita Gallery[edit]

Zogu Bridge 

Fan River Canyon 

Fan Valley in Reps 

Rubik Church on top left along A1 Highway 

See also[edit]

Mirdita Republic


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External links[edit]

Mirdita Tourism Portal

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Districts of Albania
Districts of Albania

Districts in Albania
were geographic divisions made up of cities, towns and villages. They were abolished in 2000.


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Coordinates: 41°48′N 19°59′E / 41.800°N 19.983°E / 41.800; 19.983

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