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(French: [mjumju]; born Sylvette Herry on 22 February 1950) is a French actress. In her career she has worked with a number of international directors, including Michel Gondry, Bertrand Blier, Claude Berri, Jacques Deray, Patrice Leconte, Joseph Losey
Joseph Losey
and Louis Malle. A 10-time César Award
César Award
nominee, she won the César Award
César Award
for Best Actress for the 1979 film Memoirs of a French Whore. Her other films include This Sweet Sickness (1977), Entre Nous (1983), May Fools (1990), Germinal (1993), Dry Cleaning (1997) and Arrêtez-moi


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shooting in Paris, in 1975

She was born Sylvette Herry in Paris. Her stage name, Miou-Miou
(a reference to the sound of a cat), was given to her by Coluche. She was raised in Paris
by her mother, a greengrocer. After studying acting she worked in improvisational theater with Coluche and Patrick Dewaere, joining with them to help found the new comedy theatre Café de la Gare.[1] She made her film debut in La vie sentimentale de Georges Le Tueur and La Cavale (both 1971).[2] She showed a mixture of innocence and strength in her roles.[citation needed] In 1973 she appeared in three films, Elle court, elle court la banlieue, Les granges brulées and Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob. Her big break came with Blier's Les Valseuses
Les Valseuses
(Going Places), released in 1974. After her role in Les valseuses, she began getting leading roles in comedy and drama. Through the 1970s, she had roles in such films as F comme Fairbanks
F comme Fairbanks
(1976), Alain Tanner's Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 (1976), Losey's Roads to the South (1978) and La dérobade (Memoirs of a French Whore, 1979) directed by Daniel Duval, in which she portrayed a young prostitute. She received a César Award
César Award
for that role. Many of these 1970s films were seen in North America in art-house venues. In 1976 she appeared in one of the last spaghetti westerns, Damiano Damiani's A Genius, Two Friends, and an Idiot.

in 2009.

She is known for her relationships with actor Patrick Dewaere, who is the father of her first child Angèle, and with the singer Julien Clerc, with whom she had a second daughter, Jeanne. By 2006, she had 70 films to her credit. Through the 1980s she was in such films as La gueule du loup (1981), Guy de Maupassant (1982), Kurys' Entre nous (1983) with Isabelle Huppert, Blanche et Marie (1984), Evening Dress (1986), and Deville's La lectrice (The Reader, 1988). She played opposite Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin
(in one of his last roles) in Boisset’s Dog Day in 1984. The 1990s saw her in Louis Malle's May Fools
May Fools
(1990), Deray's thriller Netchaïev is back, the comedy Un indien dans la ville
Un indien dans la ville
(1994), and The Eighth Day (1996) and Dry Cleaning in 1997. She appeared opposite Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieu
in a new production of Émile Zola's Germinal (1993). By now in her fifties, her film roles have abated, as she also began to appear in theatre.[1] 2001 saw her in Agathe et le grand magasin and in 2004 she appeared in L'après-midi de monsieur Andesmas, among other films. Miou-Miou
does not consider herself a "star". She was quoted as saying in 1989, "I turned down dinner with Mickey Rourke. Because he's a star. To me, a star is inaccessible, mysterious, an impossible dream – and should stay that way. Adjani's a star. Deneuve's a star. Not me".[3] Filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Director Notes

1971 La cavale Little Squirrel Michel Mitrani

La vie sentimentale de Georges Le Tueur

Daniel Berger Short

1972 Ça va, ça vient Magic Circus's woman Pierre Barouh

1973 Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles Anita Boucher Georges Lautner

Themroc The young neighbor Claude Faraldo

Elle court, elle court la banlieue The assistant Gérard Pirès

The Year 01 The woman at 6 am Jacques Doillon Alain Resnais Jean Rouch

The Burned Barns Monique Cateux Jean Chapot

The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob Antoinette Pivert Gérard Oury

1974 Going Places Marie-Ange Bertrand Blier

Tender Dracula Marie Pierre Grunstein

1975 Lily, aime-moi The girl in the coffee shop Maurice Dugowson

Pas de problème! Anita Boucher Georges Lautner
Georges Lautner

A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Lucy Damiano Damiani Sergio Leone

1976 Al piacere di rivederla Patrizia Marco Leto

Victory March Rosanna Marco Bellocchio

D'amour et d'eau fraîche Rita Gonzalez Jean-Pierre Blanc

F comme Fairbanks Marie Maurice Dugowson (2) Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

On aura tout vu Christine Georges Lautner
Georges Lautner

Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 Marie Alain Tanner

1977 This Sweet Sickness Juliette Claude Miller Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

1978 Les routes du sud Julia Joseph Losey

1979 Traffic Jam Angela Luigi Comencini

Bye, See You Monday Nicole Maurice Dugowson (3)

Memoirs of a French Whore Marie Daniel Duval César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

1980 The Woman Cop Inspector Corinne Levasseur Yves Boisset

1981 Est-ce bien raisonnable? Julie Boucher Georges Lautner
Georges Lautner

La gueule du loup Marie Michel Léviant

1982 Josepha Josépha Manet Christopher Frank Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

Guy de Maupassant Gisèle d'Estoc Michel Drach

1983 Entre Nous Madeleine Diane Kurys Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

My Other Husband Alice Georges Lautner
Georges Lautner

1984 Dog Day Jessica Yves Boisset
Yves Boisset

Le vol du Sphinx Laura Laurent Ferrier

1985 Blanche et Marie Blanche Jacques Renard

Une vie comme je veux Laurence Jean-Jacques Goron TV Movie

1986 Tenue de soirée Monique Bertrand Blier
Bertrand Blier
(2) Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

1988 The Revolving Doors Lauda Francis Mankiewicz Nominated – Genie Award for Best Supporting Actress

The Reader Constance / Marie Michel Deville Nominated - César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

L'argent Caroline Hamelin Jacques Rouffio TV Movie

Un vrai bonheur

Jean-Marie Cornille Short

1990 May Fools Camille Louis Malle Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress Nominated – David di Donatello
David di Donatello
for Best Foreign Actress

1991 Netchaïev est de retour Brigitte Jacques Deray

La Totale! Hélène Voisin Claude Zidi

1992 Scènes de ménage The woman Claire Simon Short

Le bal des casse-pieds Louise Sherry Yves Robert

1993 Tango Marie Patrice Leconte

Germinal Maheude Claude Berri Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

1994 Montparnasse-Pondichéry Julie Yves Robert
Yves Robert

Un indien dans la ville Patricia Hervé Palud

1995 Une femme dans la tourmente Michèle Rouannet Serge Moati TV Movie

Une page d'amour Hélène Serge Moati
Serge Moati
(2) TV Movie

Court toujours: Joséphine et les gitans Joséphine Vincent Ravalec TV Short

1996 Ma femme me quitte Joanna Martin Didier Kaminka

The Eighth Day Julie Jaco Van Dormael

1997 Dry Cleaning Nicole Kunstler Anne Fontaine Lumières Award for Best Actress Nominated – César Award
César Award
for Best Actress

Elles Eva Luís Galvão Teles

1998 Hors jeu Herself Karim Dridi

2000 Tout va bien, on s'en va Laure Claude Mouriéras

Pour une fois

Jérôme Bonnell Short

2001 Agathe et le grand magasin Agathe Bertrand Arthuys TV Movie

2003 Ambre a disparu Eva Lorca Denys Granier-Deferre TV Movie

2004 Folle embellie Alida Dominique Cabrera

Mariages! Gabrielle Valérie Guignabodet

L'après-midi de monsieur Andesmas Michel Arc's wife Michelle Porte

2005 L'un reste, l'autre part Anne-Marie Claude Berri
Claude Berri

Riviera Antoinette Anne Villacèque

2006 The Science of Sleep Christine Miroux Michel Gondry

Avril Sister Bernadette Gérald Hustache-Mathieu

Le héros de la famille Simone Garcia Thierry Klifa

2007 Les murs porteurs Judith Rosenfeld Cyril Gelblat

2008 Affaire de famille Laure Guignebont Claus Drexel

The Great Alibi Éliane Pages Pascal Bonitzer

Mia and the Migoo Juliette's voice Jacques-Rémy Girerd

2009 Marcher Herself Jeanne Herry Short

Petites vacances à Knokke-le-Zoute Micheline Yves Matthey TV Movie

Pour un fils Catherine Alix De Maistre

Le Concert Guylène de La Rivière Radu Mihăileanu

Une petite zone de turbulences Anne Muret Alfred Lot

2011 Le grand restaurant II A client Gérard Pullicino TV Movie

Le choix d'Adèle Adèle Olivier Guignard TV Movie

2012 Quand je serai petit Jacqueline Jean-Paul Rouve

Bienvenue parmi nous Alice Jean Becker

Avanti Catherine Emmanuelle Antille

Populaire Madeleine Échard Régis Roinsard

2013 Arrêtez-moi Pontoise Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

Bob et les Sex Pistaches

Yves Matthey (2)

Landes Madeleine François-Xavier Vives


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