Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services


The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services ( he, משרד העבודה, הרווחה והשירותים החברתיים, ''Misrad HaAvoda, HaRevaha VeHaSherutim HaHevrati'im'') is the branch of government charged with overseeing employment and ensuring the welfare of the public in Israel and oversee the supply of services. The position is currently held by Meir Cohen (politician), Meir Cohen.


The ministry was originally divided into two separate ministries – the Labor Ministry and the Welfare Ministry. In 1977 they were united to be the Welfare and Labor Ministry according to the view that Wage labour, labor can lead to welfare. In the term of the second government of Ariel Sharon (2003), the responsibility of work-related issues was transferred to the Industry, Trade and Labour Minister of Israel, Industry, Trade and Labor ministry and in 2007 the name was changed to be Welfare and Social Services Ministry. In 2016 it was changed to the current name.

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The Welfare and Social Services Minister of Israel ( he, שר העבודה והרווחה, ''Sar HaAvoda HaRevaha'') is the political head of the ministry and part of the Cabinet of Israel, Israeli cabinet.

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