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MINISTOP CO., LTD. (ミニストップ株式会社, Minisutoppu Kabushiki-gaisha) (TYO : 9946), a member of ÆON , operates the MINISTOP convenience store franchise chain in Japan
. Unlike most other convenience stores in Japan, Ministop
stores feature a kitchen that prepares sandwiches, snacks and take out bento boxes on demand, and has a seating area where customers can sit down and eat immediately.


The usual Japanese convenience store goods are available, such as magazines , manga comic books, soft drinks , contraceptives , onigiri ; services include bill payment, photocopying, ticket purchase for events and ATM access. Ministop
also has its own unique brand of fast food . The menu varies according to season and periodical promotions. A typical selection might include hot dogs , sandwiches , frozen desserts such as soft serve ice cream , kariman and chūkaman—Siopao -style buns with various fillings. Ministop
also operates in South Korea , the Philippines
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