Minister of Labour (Burma)


The Ministry of Labour ( my, ) is a Ministry (government department), ministry in the Burmese government responsible for the country's labour welfare and renders services to employers and workers.President Htin Kyaw combined Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and Ministry of Immigration and Population to from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.On 1 August 2021, it was reformed as Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Immigration and Population following the formation of Caretaker Government of Myanmar (2021), Caretaker Government by Min Aung Hlaing.

Departmental bodies

* Department of Labour * Social Security Board (Burma), Social Security Board * Factories and General Labour Laws Inspection Department * Department of Labour Relations

Main Functions

* Ensuring workers enjoy rights and protection granted under the various labour laws. * Providing social services for the workers. * Promoting higher productivity of labour. * Participation in international labour affairs.


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