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Government of Australia The Australian Government, also known as the Commonwealth Government, is the national government of Australia Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a Sovereign state, sovereign country comprising the mainland of the ...
, the Minister for Education and Youth administers the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Since 22 December 2020, the Minister has been the Hon. Alan Tudge.

Portfolio scope

The Minister is responsible for a number of areas, including:(Part 6, p14) *Education policy and programs including schools, vocational, higher education and Indigenous education, but excluding migrant adult education *Education and training transitions policy and programs *Science awareness programs in schools *Training, including apprenticeships and training services *Policy, co-ordination and support for education exports and services *Income support policies and programs for students and apprentices

List of ministers for education and training

The persons who have been Ministers for Education and Training, or any of its earlier titles, are as follows: Notes : Whitlam was part of a two-man ministry comprising himself and
Lance Barnard
Lance Barnard
for fourteen days until the full ministry was commissioned. : Despite the First Rudd Ministry ending on 24 June 2010, Gillard was Minister for Education for four days in her first ministry, between 24 June and 28 June 2010, when the revised ministry was commissioned.

List of ministers for youth

There have been several portfolios to include the term "youth", sometimes separate from or under Minister for Education (Australia), education portfolios. The following individuals have been appointed as Ministers with various titles that have included the word "youth":

List of ministers for vocational education and skills

The following individuals have been appointed as Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, or any of its precedent titles:

List of assistant ministers

The following individuals have been appointed as Assistant Minister for Education and Training, or any of its precedent titles:


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