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The Milograd culture
Milograd culture
(also spelled Mylohrad, also known as Pidhirtsi culture on Ukrainian territory) is an archaeological culture, lasting from about the 7th century BC to the 1st century AD. Geographically, it corresponds to present day southern Belarus
and northern Ukraine, in the area of the confluence of the Dnieper
and the Pripyat, north of Kiev. Their ethnic origin is uncertain. The town of Milograd, after which the culture is named, is located in the Homiel Province of the Belarus
republic. See also[edit]

Archaeological Cultures, eastern Europe, c. mid 8th century BC

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culture Pomeranian culture Zarubintsy culture Podkloszove Burials culture (Middle and Upper Vistula with Rightbank Oder) Pomorye culture (Pripyat' basin, Middle Dnieper
and part of Upper Dnieper)[1]


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