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psychiatry covers special aspects of psychiatry and mental disorders within the military context.[1][2] The aim of military psychiatry is to keep as many serving personnel as possible fit for duty and to treat those disabled by psychiatric conditions.[1] Military
psychiatry encompasses counseling individuals and families on a variety of life issues, often from the standpoint of life strategy counseling, as well as counseling for mental health issues, substance abuse prevention and substance abuse treatment; and where called for, medical treatment for biologically based mental illness, among other elements. A military psychiatrist is a psychiatrist — whether uniformed officer or civilian consultant — specializing in the treatment of military personnel and military family members suffering from mental disorders that occur within the statistical norm for any population, as well as those disorders consequent to warfare and also stresses associated with military life.[3]


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Prevalence[edit] Psychiatric disorders have been related to the greatest number of casualties and discharges in several wars.[4] Such conditions typically have somatic manifestations.[4] On-site, emergency psychiatric treatment reduces the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity within the military context.[4] Notable military psychiatrists[edit]

W. H. R. Rivers
W. H. R. Rivers
(1864-1922) Ernst Rüdin
Ernst Rüdin
(1874-1952) Simon Wessely
Simon Wessely
(1956-present) Fritz Perls Neil Greenberg
Neil Greenberg
(1968-present) General William Menninger CAPT George Raines (lead the committee for the first DSM) COL Albert Glass (designed models for preventative psychiatry, combat stress response, and community psychiatry) Nidal Hasan
Nidal Hasan
perpetrator of 2009 Fort Hood shooting

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medicine PTSD

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Other sources[edit]

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