Miguel is a given name and surname, the Portuguese and Spanish form of the Hebrew name
. It may refer to:


*Pedro Miguel, a parish in the municipality of Horta and the island of Faial in the Azores Islands *São Miguel (disambiguation), various locations in Azores, Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde


* Miguel (surname)

Arts, entertainment, and media

*Miguel (singer) (born 1985), Miguel Jontel Pimentel, American recording artist *Miguel Bosé (born 1956), Spanish pop new wave musician and actor *Miguel Calderón (born 1971), artist and writer *Miguel Cancel (born 1968), former American singer *Miguel Córcega (1929–2008), Mexican actor and director *Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616), Spanish author *Miguel Delibes (1920–2010), Spanish novelist *Miguel Ferrer (1955–2017), American actor *Miguel Galván (1957–2008), Mexican actor *Miguel Gómez (photographer) (born 1974), Colombian / American photographer. *Miguel Ángel Landa (born 1936), Venezuelan actor, stand-up comedian, and television personality *Miguel Mihura (1905–1977), Spanish absurdist playwright *Miguel Morayta (1907–2013), Spanish film director and screenwriter *Miguel Sandoval (Born 1951), American film and televisionactor


*Miguel Boyer (1939–2014), Spanish politician *Miguel Brugueras (1939–2006), Cuban politician and diplomat *Miguel Hidalgo (1753–1811), Mexican priest and revolutionary rebel leader *Miguel Portas (1958–2012), Portuguese politician *Miguel Malvar y Carpio, Filipino revolutionary and president of the Philippines *Juan Miguel Zubiri (born 1969), Filipino politician

Portuguese royalty

*Miguel of Portugal (1802–1866), King of Portugal *Miguel, Duke of Braganza (1853–1927), Portuguese pretender, son of King Miguel I *Prince Miguel, Duke of Viseu (1878–1923), Portuguese prince, older son of Miguel II *Miguel da Paz (1498–1500), older son of King Manuel I of Portugal *Infante Miguel de Bragança (1699–1724), natural son of King Pedro II of Portugal *Miguel, Prince of Beira


*Nigel Miguel (born 1963), Belizean/American actor, film producer, film commissioner, former basketball player *Miguel Andújar (born 1995), Dominican Republic professional baseball player *Miguel Cabrera (born 1983), Venezuelan professional baseball player *Miguel Comminges (born 1982), Guadeloupean footballer *Miguel Cotto (born 1980), Puerto Rican boxer *Miguel Duhamel (born 1968), Canadian motorcycle racer *Miguel González (pitcher) (born 1984), Mexican professional baseball player * Miguel Hiraldo (born 2000), Dominican Republic professional baseball player *Miguel Induráin (born 1964), Spanish cyclist *Miguel Maia (born 1971), Portuguese beach volleyball player *Miguel Monteiro (born 1980), Portuguese footballer, known as "Miguel" *Miguel Montero (born 1983), Venezuelan-American former professional baseball player *Miguel Montes (footballer, born 1980) (born 1980), Salvadoran footballer *Miguel Ángel Niño (born 1968), Colombian road cyclist *Miguel Ponce (born 1971), Chilean footballer *Miguel Sanabria (born 1964), Paraguayan footballer *Miguel Ángel Sanabria (1967–2006), Colombian road cyclist *Miguel Sanó (born 1993), Dominican Republic professional baseball player *Miguel Tejada (born 1974), Dominican Republic former professional baseball player *Miguel Ubeto (born 1976), Venezuelan road cyclist *Miguel Veloso (born 1986), Portuguese footballer *Miguel Yajure (born 1998), Venezuelan professional baseball player


*Miguel de Icaza (born 1972), Mexican software developer and GNOME founder *Miguel Patricio (born 1966/1967), Portuguese businessman *Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela (born 1943), cofounder of the Cali cartel *Miguel Sánchez (1594–1674), novohispanic priest, writer and theologician *Miguel de Unamuno (1864–1936), Spanish philosopher *Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (born 1946), Mexican drug lord

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities

*Miguel, a List of Beyblade characters#Miguel, character in the animated series ''Beyblade G Revolution'' *Miguel, a bullfighter in the fighting game ''Human Killing Machine'' *Miguel, a protagonist in the DreamWorks animated film ''The Road to El Dorado'' *Miguel, a character in the TV series ''The Walking Dead (TV series), The Walking Dead'' *Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, a regular character on the soap opera ''Passions'' *Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099 *Miguel Prado, a character played by Jimmy Smits during the third season of the TV series ''Dexter'' *Miguel Caballero Rojo, a character from the Tekken video game series *Miguel Santos, Maya's brother in the PBS animated series ''Maya & Miguel'' *Don Miguel, a notorious 19th-century whale mentioned in ''Moby-Dick'' *Miguel, the protagonist in the Pixar animated film ''Coco (2017 film), Coco'' *Miguel, a blue down-to-earth, active and energetic Anubis chihuahua from ''Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty''


*''Miguel Street'', a semi-autobiographical novel by V. S. Naipaul, published in 1959 *Miguel (Dalida album), ''Miguel'' (Dalida album), 1957 *Miguel (Miguel Bosé album), ''Miguel'' (Miguel Bosé album), 1980 *Miguel (TV series), ''Miguel'' (TV series), an Israeli drama television series

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*Michel (disambiguation) *San Miguel (disambiguation) *Miguel Pérez (disambiguation) {{disambiguation, given name, hndis Portuguese masculine given names Spanish masculine given names