Nine Digital Pty Ltd (formerly Mi9) is an Australian digital media company and subsidiary of Nine Entertainment Co.


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Ninemsn was originally formed in 1997 as a joint venture between Microsoft and PBL. The ninemsn website operated as the main website for the Nine Network and MSN in Australia.

The Ninemsn company was renamed Mi9 in 2013, and in October 2013, Microsoft sold its 50% stake in the company to Nine Entertainment.[1] Mi9 was subsequently renamed Nine Digital.



Women's network 9Honey was launched as a fashion site in April 2015.[2] Nine subsequently brought together several online brands under the a single women’s network called 9Honey in 2016. This change saw the fashion and beauty website rebranded as 9Style.[3]

  • 9Honey | Binge: a site concerning television, streaming media and literature. It produces book reviews through its Booktopia brand and podcasts including Honey Mums and What the F is for Dinner.
  • 9Honey | Celebrity: an entertainment, pop-culture and celebrity news site.
  • 9Honey | Coach: a health-focused motivational site.
  • 9Honey | Homes: an interior design and home styling site.
  • 9Honey | Kitchen: a culinary site including recipes and cooking tips and stories.
  • 9Honey | Mums: a site aimed at mothers including stories and insights on parenting.
  • 9Honey | Style: a beauty and fashion site formerly branded as simply 9Honey.
  • 9Honey | Travel: a travel and tourism sight including stories and recommendations.
  • 9Honey | You: a female empowerment and inspiration site aimed at assisting women to meet their goals.


Catch-up service 9Now was launched in 2016, replacing previous catch-up service 9Jumpin.


9Saver is a joint-venture with RevTech Media and an online money-saving site.


CarAdvice is Australia’s largest independent automotive content publisher. Its sister publication is BoatAdvice.

Find a Babysitter

Find a Babysitter is Australia's largest online babysitter website.