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MELVILLE PENINSULA is a large peninsula in the Canadian Arctic
north of Hudson Bay . To the east is Foxe Basin and to the west the Gulf of Boothia . To the north the Fury and Hecla Strait separates it from Baffin Island
Baffin Island
. To the south Repulse Bay and Frozen Strait separate it from Southampton Island at the north end of Hudson Bay . On the southwest it is connected to the mainland by the “Rae Isthmus” named after arctic explorer Dr John Rae .

Between 1821 and 1823 its east side was mapped by William Edward Parry . Since 1999, it has been part of Nunavut
. Before that, it was part of the District of Franklin . Most of the peninsula lies in Nunavut's Qikiqtaaluk Region , while its southwesternmost section, around Repulse Bay, lies in the Kivalliq Region . Communities on the peninsula include the hamlets of Repulse Bay and Hall Beach
Hall Beach
. The hamlet of Igloolik
is located on an island lying just off the northeastern coast of the peninsula.



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Coordinates : 68°N 084°W / 68°N 84°W / 68; -84 (Melville Peninsula)

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