Middle or The Middle may refer to: * Centre (geometry), the point equally distant from the outer limits.


* Middle (sheading), a subdivision of the Isle of Man * Middle Bay (disambiguation) * Middle Brook (disambiguation) * Middle Creek (disambiguation) * Middle Island (disambiguation) * Middle Lake (disambiguation) * Middle Mountain, California * Middle Peninsula, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia * Middle Range, a former name of the Xueshan Range on Taiwan Island * Middle River (disambiguation) * Middle Rocks, two rocks at the eastern opening of the Straits of Singapore * Middle Sound, a bay in North Carolina * Middle Township (disambiguation) * Middle East


*"Middle" (song), 2015 *"The Middle" (Jimmy Eat World song), 2001 *"The Middle" (Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey song), 2018 *"Middle", a song by Rocket from the Crypt from their 1995 album ''Scream, Dracula, Scream!'' *"The Middle", a song by Demi Lovato from her debut album ''Don't Forget'' *"The Middle", a song by The Doubleclicks from their album ''President Snakes'' *"The Middle", a song by Lauren Alaina from her album ''Wildflower''

Other uses

*''The Middle'' (TV series) *Middle Road (disambiguation) *Middle school, an educational stage in some countries

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* * Center (disambiguation) * Core (disambiguation) * Seed {{disambiguation|geo