The media phone represents a new category of broadband multimedia device that has the potential to become the 4th screen in the home, complementing the PC, TV, and mobile phone handset.[citation needed]


  • The original "Media Phone" and many of its features were invented and conceptualized in 2008 by Roy A. Tindle of Elkhart, IN and was introduced to potential investors, engineers and other interested parties under non-disclosure at that time. Original documentation, drawings, schematics and prototypes have been publicly recorded for authentication of origination. Patents and other protections are being considered for the original designs, features and programming formats, but remain patent pending. Roy A. Tindle is also the creator and designer of various wire harnesses, tools and other consumer based products.

Media phone combines the functionality of a VoIP phone and home networking controller with an expansive touch screen for web browsing, photo viewing and interacting with connected widgets.

Typically available features:

  • Internet phone (IP-based voice and video calls)
  • Web browser
  • Digital photo frame
  • Organizer
  • mp3 and wmv player
  • FM and internet radio
  • SMS/MMS device
  • Built-in camera
  • Widgets
  • Additional advanced features such as the unique "In-Home Billboard" and "Remote Viewing" features are also available which may be appealing to consumers and businesses alike. These features create a new advertising platform for businesses and a revolutionary new home security format which provides Media Phone users the ability to monitor their home or business remotely from any computer or smart phone. This same remote viewing feature also allows 911 dispatchers to identify potential threats such as intruders, fire or EMS needs before dispatching emergency responders.

The device can be controlled through the touchscreen with a finger or accompanying stylus and can have a SD card slot, USB and flash memory. It comes with a wireless handset for phone calls.

What is inside


The media phone can be used by wireline telecom operators for value-added IP services delivery. Several major carriers have introduced media phones, for example iriver Wave Home[1] by Korea Telecom, Home Manager,[2] by AT&T and Verizon Hub.[3] Bittel Hotel integration solution[4] by Bittel Electronics[5]] Others are expected to follow the trend.


Media phone is basically a replacement for a traditional home cordless telephone. All calls (voice only by Verizon Hub, AT&T Home Manager and voice&video by Korea Telecom Wave Home) are IP based. The call functionality is provided by embedded software – by a voice engine for voice-only calls and by a voice&video engine for video calls. The voice&video engine is required to compensate for the commonly known IP-related issues (delays, packet loss, jitter, congestion, etc.) and to make IP calls as reliable and convenient as conventional PSTN calls.


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