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(Mother) is a 1991 semi-autobiographical film written and directed by French-Armenian filmmaker Henri Verneuil. The film's principal cast includes Claudia Cardinale
Claudia Cardinale
and Omar Sharif. It is about the struggles of an Armenian family that emigrates to France from Turkey after the Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide
of 1915. Following the film's success, Verneuil edited the movie into a television series. He followed that up with 588 rue paradis, a sequel to the original movie. The film has a 95% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.[1] Awards and nominations[edit]

received a César Award
César Award
nomination for Jean-Claude Petit's original score. Mayrig
also won an Academy Award by the National Academy of Cinema, France, in 1991.


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Biography of director Henri Verneuil
Henri Verneuil
(in French)

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