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Coordinates : 4°15′14″S 13°29′44″E / 4.2538°S 13.4955°E / -4.2538; 13.4955 Fetish with mirror from Mayombe

MAYOMBE (or Mayumbe) is a geographic area on the western coast of Africa occupied by low mountains extending from the mouth of the Congo River in the south to the Kouilou-Niari River to the north. The area includes parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
, Angola ( Cabinda Province ), the Republic of the Congo and Gabon
. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mayombe
is part of the north-western province of Kongo Central on the right bank of the River Congo, and contains the cities and towns of Lukula , Seke Banza , Kangu and Tshela .


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Umbrella tree ( Musanga cecropioides ) in the Mayombe

Mayumbe is located in the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It lies on the right bank of the Congo River (the world's second largest) just before it empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Banana . It extends north from Boma into the Angolan enclave of Cabinda to the west and extends north to the Republic of Congo and Gabon.

Mayumbe is watered by many rivers with swift currents in its hilly and mountainous regions. The three largest are the Shiloango River and two of its main tributaries, the Lukula River and the Lubuzi River .