Maximus/Minimus is a food truck based in Seattle, Washington.[1] It was established by Kurt Beecher Dammeier in June 2009 and the truck was designed by Colin Reedy.[1][2] Dammeier also owns the truck and enterprise.[1] The truck was built to resemble a pig, and has metallic enhancements that resemble a pig's snout and ears.[3] The truck often parks at 6th Avenue and Pike Street in downtown Seattle, and also purveys at festivals and farmer's markets.[3][4] The truck is open to the public from April to October, and closes during the winter.[1]


The truck's fare specializes in pork dishes, and includes sandwiches such as pulled pork and other foods such as chicken and vegetarian sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, pozole and coleslaw.[1][3][4][5] Dishes are available in bold (maximus) and light (minimus) styles, based upon the types of sauces used.[3][4] The maximus sauce is prepared with peppers, onion, fruit juice and beer, and is stronger and spicier in flavor, while the milder minimus sauce is prepared with tamarind, molasses and honey and has a sweet flavor.[4][5] The truck uses cheese sourced from Beecher's Handmade Cheese, an artisan cheesemaker and retail shop founded by Dammeier and based in the Pike Place Market in Seattle.[6]

The foods used are locally sourced and all natural.[7] The truck's fare has been described as barbecue,[3][4] but Dammeier has stated that it is not barbecue, and that the fare derives its flavor from the sauces used.[1]

There is a brick and mortar restaurant based on the truck, Max's,[4][8] that is projected to open some time in early 2015. This location has been referred to as the "mothership" to the truck.[4][8]


Maximus/Minimus has received reviews and coverage on PBS, USA Today, NBC News, Parade, The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, and Modern Marvels (in an episode later repackaged as a Favorite Foods USA episode).[1][2][3][4][5][7][9]

It was rated as one of "America’s top 15 street food vendors" by relish.com.[7][10]

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