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MAX KARL WILHELM VON GALLWITZ (2 May 1852 – 18 April 1937) was a German general from Breslau (Wrocław) , Silesia , who served with distinction during World War I
World War I
on both the Eastern and Western Fronts .


Max von Gallwitz, 1915

Gallwitz grew up in a Catholic family in Breslau. In 1891, he married Friedrike (*1871). They had a daughter and son Werner, who became a Lieutenant general in the Second World War. Later, he began the First World War as a corps commander ( Guards Reserve Corps ) on the Western Front, but was almost immediately transferred east to join the Eighth Army
under Hindenburg . In 1915 he took command of Armee-Gruppe Gallwitz (later redesignated Twelfth Army
) and participated in the Galicia offensive alongside Mackensen , who commanded the Eleventh Army

Towards the end of 1915, he succeeded Mackensen as commander of the Eleventh Army, as the latter campaigned against Serbia . In 1916, Gallwitz moved back to the Western Front and defended against the British attack in the Battle of the Somme . He took over command of 2nd Army
and of Heeresgruppe Gallwitz - Somme controlling 1st and 2nd Armies. From 1916–18 he commanded the Fifth Army
in the west, most notably engaging the Americans during the Battle of Saint-Mihiel
Battle of Saint-Mihiel

Following his retirement from the army, Gallwitz served as a deputy in the Reichstag (1920–24) for the German National People\'s Party .


* Pour le Mérite
Pour le Mérite
(24 July 1915), Oak Leaves added on 28 September 1915 * Grand Cross of the Order of the Red Eagle * Order of the Black Eagle (23 December 1917)



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Group in the sense of a group within an Army
and under its command, generally formed as a temporary measure for a specific task. * ^ A B Rickard, J. (2007-10-03), Max von Gallwitz, German General, 1852-1937 * ^ Heeresgruppe or Army
Group in the sense of a number of armies under a single commander.

Bibliography (biography)

* Jung, Jakob (1995). Max von Gallwitz
Max von Gallwitz
(1852-1937) (in German). Biblio. p. 292. ISBN 978-3-7648-2435-8 .


Preceded by New Formation COMMANDER, GUARDS RESERVE CORPS 2 August 1914 – 9 February 1915 Succeeded by Upgraded to Armee-Gruppe Gallwitz

Preceded by Upgraded from Guards Reserve Corps COMMANDER, ARMEE-GRUPPE GALLWITZ 9 February – 7 August, 1915 Succeeded by Upgraded to 12th Army

Preceded by Upgraded from Armee-Gruppe Gallwitz COMMANDER, 12TH ARMY 7 August – 22 September, 1915 Succeeded by General
der Infanterie Max von Fabeck

Preceded by Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen COMMANDER, 11TH ARMY 23 September 1915 – 16 April 1916 Succeeded by General
der Infanterie Arnold von Winckler

Preceded by General
der Infanterie Fritz von Below COMMANDER, 2ND ARMY 19 July – 17 December, 1916 Succeeded by General
der Kavallerie Georg von der Marwitz

Preceded by General
der Infanterie Ewald von Lochow
Ewald von Lochow
COMMANDER, 5TH ARMY 17 December 1916 – 27 September 1918 Succeeded by General
der Kavallerie Georg von der Marwitz

Preceded by New creation COMMANDER, ARMY GROUP GALLWITZ 1 February – 11 November, 1918 Succeeded by Dissolved


* WorldCat Identities * VIAF : 74659760 * LCCN : n98013277 * ISNI : 0000 0001 0988 4314 * GND : 119286327

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