Maurice may refer to:


*Saint Maurice (died 287), Roman legionary and Christian martyr *Maurice (emperor) or Flavius Mauricius Tiberius Augustus (539–602), Byzantine emperor *Maurice (bishop of London) (died 1107), Lord Chancellor and Lord Keeper of England *Maurice of Carnoet (1117–1191), Breton abbot and saint *Maurice, Count of Oldenburg (fl. 1169–1211) *Maurice of Inchaffray (14th century), Scottish cleric who became a bishop *Maurice, Elector of Saxony (1521–1553), German Saxon nobleman *Maurice, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg (1551–1612) *Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange (1567–1625), stadtholder of the Netherlands *Maurice, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel or Maurice the Learned (1572–1632) *Maurice of Savoy (1593–1657), prince of Savoy and a cardinal *Maurice, Duke of Saxe-Zeitz (1619–1681) *Maurice of the Palatinate (1620–1652), Count Palatine of the Rhine *Maurice of the Netherlands (1843–1850), prince of Orange-Nassau *Maurice Chevalier (1888–1972), French actor, singer, and entertainer *Maurice of Battenberg (1891–1914), prince of the Battenberg family and member of the British royal family


* or Mauritius *Maurice, Iowa, a city *Maurice, Louisiana, a village *Maurice River, a tributary of the Delaware River in New Jersey

Other uses

*Maurice (name), a given name and surname, including a list of people with the name *Maurice (horse), a Thoroughbred racehorse *''Maurice'' (novel), a 1913 novel by E. M. Forster and published in 1971 **''Maurice'' (film), a 1987 British film based on the novel *''Maurice'' (Shelley), a children's story by Mary Shelley *Maurices, an American retail clothing chain

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