The Massachusetts Senate is the upper house of the Massachusetts General Court, the bicameral state legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Senate comprises 40 elected members from 40 single-member senatorial districts in the state. All but one of the districts are named for the counties in which they are located (the "Cape and Islands" district covers Dukes, Nantucket, and parts of Barnstable counties). Senators serve two-year terms, without term limits.[1] The Senate convenes in the Massachusetts State House, in Boston.

The current session is the 190th General Court, which convened January 4, 2017. It consists of 31 Democrats and 7 Republicans, with two vacancies.[2] The President of the Senate is Harriette Chandler of Worcester. The Senate Minority Leader, from the Republican Party, is Bruce Tarr of Gloucester. The last state general election was on November 8, 2016.

Recent party control

Democrats hold a supermajority in the Senate.

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
Start of 189th General Court 34 6 40 0
June 25, 2016[3] 33 39 1
November 10, 2015[4] 34 40 0
January 4, 2016[5] 5 39 1
January 21, 2016[6] 33 38 2
May 18, 2016[7] 34 6 40 0
Start of 190th General Court 34 6 40 0
April 2, 2017[8] 33 39 1
April 17, 2017[9] 32 38 2
July 26, 2017[10] 33 39 1
August 31, 2017[11] 32 38 2
October 17, 2017[12] 33 39 1
December 5, 2017[13] 7 40 0
January 3, 2018[14] 32 39 1
January 26, 2018[15] 31 38 2
March 6, 2018[16] 32 39 1
Latest voting share 80% 17.5%
Composition by municipality in the 187th and 188th General Courts.
Composition by municipality in the 189th General Court and at the opening of 190th General Court.
Composition by municipality in the 190th General Court beginning on December 5, 2017.

Current leadership

Position Name Party Residence District
President Harriette Chandler Democratic Worcester 1st Worcester
Minority Leader Bruce Tarr Republican Gloucester 1st Essex and Middlesex

Current members

Current members of the Senate, sorted by district name:

Senator Party District Home Town/City Assumed office
Hinds, Adam G.Adam G. Hinds[17]   Democratic BeHsFHdBerkshire, Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden Pittsfield 2017
Feeney, PaulPaul Feeney   Democratic BrNBristol and Norfolk Foxborough 2017*[18]
Rodrigues, MichaelMichael Rodrigues   Democratic BrP11st Bristol and Plymouth Westport 2011
Montigny, MarkMark Montigny   Democratic BrP22nd Bristol and Plymouth New Bedford 1993
Cyr, JulianJulian Cyr[19]   Democratic CICape and Islands Truro 2017
O'Connor Ives, KathleenKathleen O'Connor Ives   Democratic E11st Essex Newburyport 2013
Lovely, JoanJoan Lovely   Democratic E22nd Essex Salem 2013
Crighton, BrendanBrendan Crighton   Democratic E33rd Essex Lynn 2018
Tarr, BruceBruce Tarr   Republican EM11st Essex and Middlesex Gloucester 1995
L'Italien, BarbaraBarbara L'Italien   Democratic EM22nd Essex and Middlesex Andover 2015
Welch, James T.James T. Welch   Democratic HdHampden West Springfield 2011
Lesser, EricEric Lesser   Democratic HdHs11st Hampden and Hampshire Longmeadow 2015
Humason, Jr., DonaldDonald Humason, Jr.   Republican HdHs22nd Hampden and Hampshire Westfield 2013*
Rosenberg, StanleyStanley Rosenberg   Democratic HsFWHampshire and Franklin and Worcester Amherst 1991*
Donoghue, EileenEileen Donoghue   Democratic M11st Middlesex Lowell 2011
Jehlen, Patricia D.Patricia D. Jehlen   Democratic M22nd Middlesex Somerville 2005*
Barrett, Michael J.Michael J. Barrett   Democratic M33rd Middlesex Lexington 2013
Friedman, CindyCindy Friedman   Democratic M44th Middlesex Arlington 2017*
Lewis, JasonJason Lewis   Democratic M55th Middlesex Winchester 2014*
Creem, Cynthia StoneCynthia Stone Creem   Democratic MN11st Middlesex and Norfolk Newton 1999
Spilka, KarenKaren Spilka   Democratic MN22nd Middlesex and Norfolk Ashland 2005
DiDomenico, SalSal DiDomenico   Democratic MSMiddlesex and Suffolk Everett 2010*
Eldridge, James B.James B. Eldridge   Democratic MWMiddlesex and Worcester Acton 2009
Ross, RichardRichard Ross   Republican NBrMNorfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Wrentham 2010*
Timilty, WalterWalter Timilty[20]   Democratic NBrPNorfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Milton 2017
Keenan, JohnJohn Keenan   Democratic NPNorfolk and Plymouth Quincy 2011
Rush, Michael F.Michael F. Rush   Democratic NSNorfolk and Suffolk Boston 2011
deMacedo, VinnyVinny deMacedo   Republican PBaPlymouth and Barnstable Plymouth 2015
Pacheco, MarcMarc Pacheco   Democratic PBr11st Plymouth and Bristol Taunton 1993
Brady, MichaelMichael Brady   Democratic PBr22nd Plymouth and Bristol Brockton 2015*
O'Connor, PatrickPatrick O'Connor   Republican PNPlymouth and Norfolk Weymouth 2016*
Vacant   S11st Suffolk
Chang-Diaz, SoniaSonia Chang-Diaz   Democratic S22nd Suffolk Boston 2009
Boncore, Joseph A.Joseph A. Boncore   Democratic SM11st Suffolk and Middlesex Winthrop 2016*
Brownsberger, WillWill Brownsberger   Democratic SM22nd Suffolk and Middlesex Belmont 2012*
Chandler, HarrietteHarriette Chandler   Democratic W11st Worcester Worcester 2001
Moore, Michael O.Michael O. Moore   Democratic W22nd Worcester Millbury 2009
Gobi, AnneAnne Gobi   Democratic WHdHsMWorcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex Spencer 2015
Tran, DeanDean Tran   Republican WHdHsMWorcester and Middlesex Fitchburg 2017*
Fattman, RyanRyan Fattman   Republican WNWorcester and Norfolk Webster 2015
  • *Originally elected in a special election


Past composition of the Senate

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