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Married Flirts is a 1924 American silent drama film starring Pauline Frederick, Mae Busch, and Conrad Nagel, directed by Robert Vignola. Julia Ivers wrote the screenplay based on a Louis Joseph Vance
Louis Joseph Vance
best seller, Mrs. Paramor.[1] The 'sophisticated' drama was considered quite daring at the time as the story centered on husbands being lured away from wives. The film is now considered a lost film.[2]


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Plot[edit] Nellie Wayne (Pauline Frederick) is a novelist who loses her husband to a vamp, who thereupon rejects him to marry another man, who subsequently is enticed away by the novelist. Cast[edit]

Pauline Frederick
Pauline Frederick
- Nellie Wayne Conrad Nagel
Conrad Nagel
- Perley Rex Mae Busch
Mae Busch
- Jill Wetherell Huntley Gordon
Huntley Gordon
- Pendleton Wayne Paul Nicholson - Peter Granville Patterson Dial - Evelyn Draycup Alice Hollister
Alice Hollister
- Mrs. Callender John Gilbert - Himself, Guest at party Hobart Henley
Hobart Henley
- Himself, Guest at party Robert Z. Leonard
Robert Z. Leonard
- Himself, Guest at party May McAvoy
May McAvoy
- Herself, Guest at party Mae Murray
Mae Murray
- Herself, Guest at party Aileen Pringle
Aileen Pringle
- Herself, Guest at party Norma Shearer
Norma Shearer
- Herself, Guest at party

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