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Marriage is a Private Affair is a 1944 war-comedy film.


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Plot[edit] Theo has had many boyfriends who wanted to marry her. Her mother, Mrs. Selworth, has been married many times, which causes Theo to fear commitment. Without much thought, Theo accepts a proposal of marriage from Tom West, an Air Corps lieutenant. After the honeymoon, Tom's father dies and Tom accepts a job in the defense industry. When Theo has a baby, she hates the idea of being matronly and wants to return to being a party girl. However, Tom is working constantly and Theo turns to her friends who are having their own problems, including her old flame, Captain Lancing. To decide what she wants to do with her baby and her life, Theo must learn to grow up. Cast[edit]

Lana Turner: Theo Scofield West James Craig: Miles Lancing John Hodiak: Lt. Tom Cochrane West Frances Gifford: Sissy Mortimer Hugh Marlowe: Joseph I. Murdock Natalie Schafer: Mrs. Irene Selworth Keenan Wynn: Major Bob Wilton Herbert Rudley: Ted Mortimer Paul Cavanagh: Mr. Selworth Morris Ankrum: Mr. Ed Scofield Jane Green: Martha Tom Drake: Bill Rice Shirley Patterson: Mary Saunders Neal Dodd: Minister Nana Bryant: Nurse Cecilia Callejo: SeƱora Guizman Virginia Brissac: Mrs. Courtland West Byron Foulger: Ned Bolton Addison Richards: Colonel Ryder Gino Corrado: Wedding Party Guest Alexander D'Arcy: Mr. Garby

All principal cast members are deceased. Reception[edit] According to MGM records the film earned $1,934,000 in the US and Canada and $715,000 elsewhere, making a $237,000 profit.[1] References[edit]

^ a b c The Eddie Mannix Ledger, Los Angeles: Margaret Herrick Library, Center for Motion Picture Study .

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Marriage Is a Private Affair
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