Mariveles Reef, known as Nanhai Jiao (Chinese: 南海礁) in China, Terumbu Mantanani in Malaysia, đá Kỳ Vân in Vietnam and Mariveles in the Philippines, is located in the SW of Dangerous Ground in the Spratly Islands.[1] It is 59 kilometres (37 mi) slightly east of north from Swallow Reef and 35 nautical miles (65 km; 40 mi) southeast of Barque Canada Reef.[2]

It dries at high tide enclosing two large lagoons in a figure of eight formation with a sand cay between them. This small cay, 1.5–2 m high, and some isolated rocks are just visible at high water.[citation needed]

The Royal Malaysian Navy has maintained an "offshore naval station" there called "Station Mike" since 1986.[3]