Marion may refer to:


*Marion (given name) *Marion (surname) *Marion Silva Fernandes, Brazilian footballer known simply as "Marion" *Marion (singer), Filipino singer-songwriter and pianist Marion Aunor (born 1992)



* Marion Nunataks, Charcot Island


* City of Marion, a local government area in South Australia * Marion, South Australia, a suburb of Adelaide * Marion Downs Sanctuary, Western Australia


* Marion, Cyprus, an ancient city-state

South Africa

*Marion Island, one of the Prince Edward Islands

United States

* Marion, Alabama ** Marion Courthouse Square Historic District ** West Marion Historic District ** Marion Military Institute * Marion, Arkansas * Marion, Connecticut ** Marion Historic District (Cheshire and Southington, Connecticut) * Marion, Georgia * Marion, Illinois * Marion, Indiana (in Grant County) ** Marion Downtown Commercial Historic District, Marion, Indiana * Marion, Shelby County, Indiana * Marion, Iowa * Marion, Kansas ** Marion County Lake ** Marion Reservoir * Marion, Kentucky * Marion, Louisiana * Marion, Massachusetts * Marion Station, Maryland, often referred to as just "Marion" * Marion, Michigan * Marion, Minnesota * Marion, Mississippi * Marion, Missouri * Marion, Montana * Marion, Nebraska * Marion, Jersey City, New Jersey * Marion, New York, a town * Marion (CDP), New York, a hamlet and census-designated place * Marion, North Carolina * Marion, North Dakota * Marion, Ohio, the largest US city named Marion * Marion, Oregon * Marion, Pennsylvania * Marion Center, Pennsylvania * Marion, South Carolina ** Marion Historic District (Marion, South Carolina) * Marion, South Dakota * Marion, Texas * Marion, Utah * Marion, Virginia ** Marion Historic District (Marion, Virginia) * Marion, Wetzel County, West Virginia * Marion, Grant County, Wisconsin, a town * Marion, Juneau County, Wisconsin, a town * Marion, Waushara County, Wisconsin, a town * Marion, Wisconsin, a city * Marion County (disambiguation) * Marion Township (disambiguation)

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters

*Marion Crane, the female lead in ''Psycho'', played by Janet Leigh *Marion Cunningham, on the television show ''Happy Days'' *Marion Hill, main character in the American sitcom ''In the House'', portrayed by LL Cool J *Marion Moseby, on the television show ''The Suite Life of Zack & Cody'' and the spin-off series ''The Suite Life on Deck'' *Marion Paroo, in ''The Music Man'' *Marion Ravenwood, from the ''Indiana Jones'' films *Marion Stimpleman, a minor character in ''Boy Meets World'' *Marion Tweedy, maiden name of Molly Bloom in James Joyce's ''Ulysses'' *Marion (Thomas & Friends), a railway self-propelled steam shovel * Marion (or Marian), a typical name for the shepherdess character in the pastourelle genre of Old French lyric poetry *Marion, Harriet's rival in ''Harriet the Spy'' by Louise Fitzhugh *Marion, in the video game ''GunBird'' *Maid Marian, from the legend of Robin Hood


*Marion (band), a British alternative rock group *''Marion'' (miniseries), a 1974 miniseries

Other uses

* Marion High School (Kansas) * Marion Military Institute, Marion, Alabama, the oldest military junior college in the United States * Marion Power Shovel Company, best known for building the crawler-transporters used to move launch vehicles at the Kennedy Space Center * United States Penitentiary, Marion, a federal prison for male inmates * Westfield Marion, a shopping centre in the Adelaide suburb of Oaklands Park

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