Marina South Pier MRT station (NS28) is an underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station along the North South Line, located in Straits View planning area, Singapore.[1] Located on reclaimed land and built as part of the North South Line Extension, it is the southern terminus on the North South Line.

The station is located near Marina South Pier and the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, hence its name. An extension from Marina South Pier station to Marina Barrage was previously planned, but plans for that were shelved. Marina Barrage will eventually be served by the future Gardens By The Bay MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line.


Originally the station's name was Marina View, but since the name was taken in 2009 for the proposed development, the station's working name was renamed to Marina Pier when the Land Transport Authority updated the rail map for Circle Line Stage 1 & 2 on 3 May 2010. A $357.5 million contract was awarded to Samsung C&T Corporation for the civil works of the extension. Construction works for the station started in December 2009.[3] When the map was updated on 19 September 2011 to include the Circle MRT Line Stage 4 & 5, it was finally renamed to Marina South Pier.

Public art

Two art pieces made up of nearly 27,000 old EZ-Link cards which were phased out in 2009 will adorn the station, called "Past. Transition. Present", featuring colonial and modern landmarks. One piece, titled “Past”, depicts historical landmarks including the Supreme Court and Central Fire Station. The other piece, “Present”, showcases places such as Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay. This project is an effort by the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists.

On 23 October 2015, an 80 square metre wall mural called the Singapore Tapestry on permanent display was unveiled at the station. This is an SG50 gift from the Land Transport Authority to Singapore. The mural is made of a series of oven-fired clay tiles, a composite artwork by nearly 1,500 participants. People from all walks of life were invited to make clay representations of what they see as the Singapore story over the course of six months.[4]

Accidents and incidents

According to a Ministry of Manpower Workplace Safety and Health Council report:

On 8 August 2012, a Bangladeshi worker was dismantling a supporting structure that formed part of an Earth Retaining Stabilizing Structure (ERSS) used at the C156 Marina Bay worksite. The worker had been assigned to remove bolts from a waler section to be dismantled. Following the removal of the bolts, the waler sections were to be hoisted by a crane out of the worksite. During the hoisting of one waler section, another waler section which the worker had been standing on became dislodged as it was still connected to the waler section being hoisted. Both the worker and this waler section plunged to the base of the ERSS, and this waler section crushed the worker, killing him.[5]




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