Marie Helvin (born August 13, 1952) is a British-based
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former fashion model, who worked extensively with David Bailey—to whom she was married between 1975 and 1985. In the 1970s and 1980s, she appeared in many fashion stories for
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and posed for a series of nude photographs made by Bailey, which were published in his 1980 book ''Trouble and Strife''. They would collaborate on four more photographic books and continued to work on multiple stories for the British, French and Italian editions of ''Vogue''.


Helvin was born in 1952 in
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, where her American G.I. father of French and Danish descent had married a local interpreter of Japanese descent. She was brought up in
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from the age of four. She was approached by a model scout on a visit to Japan with her mother and signed up as the face of Kanebo cosmetics at 15. She moved to London, where she worked for designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and Valentino, and married photographer when she was 23, having met him when he chose her for a photographic session for '' Vogue''. Together Bailey and Helvin produced a memorable book of nudes titled ''Trouble and Strife'' in 1980. The marriage lasted ten years. She has dated Pakistani politician
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Imran Khan
. In the 1980s, Helvin left mainstream modelling, working for television and radio, covering subjects from books to travel, which in turn led to major television, radio and advertising campaigns, such as for Yves Saint Laurent and Olympus Corporation, Olympus cameras. She launched her own collection of body/swimwear range in 1990 and went on to produce seasonal collections. She published two books, made a health and fitness video, appeared on television and presented several programmes including GMTV's series ''Helvin on Hawaii'', which featured her philosophies on health and beauty. In 2006 she appeared as a judge in ''Britain's Next Top Model'', and with appearances in British '' Vogue'' and the US ''W (magazine), W'' magazine, features in ''Sunday Times'', and a retrospective in ''Harper's Bazaar''. She appeared on her 7th British ''Vogue'' cover in 2007. Her autobiography was released in late 2007 and published in paperback in September 2008. ''The Sunday Times'' called the book "funny, naughty, sexy, revelatory". Helvin returned to Japan to present a look at fashion and innovation in modern Japan in 'Marie Helvin's Tokyo', part of the Luxury Life series on CNBC. In February 2009, she launched Marks & Spencer PORTFOLIO fashion range for women in their fifties. In late 2009 she featured as the face of a new demi couture range of luxury lingerie from Agent Provocateur, "Soiree". In December 2009, Helvin auctioned her personal collection of vintage clothing from the 1970s-1990s.


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